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3D Printing: Not Only Can Give You A Bike, But Also To Give It The Way!
Apr 25, 2016

As shown in the figure, this is an unusual bicycle: it is in 3D by titanium material printing and, its unusual lies in it can take you found a city, it will through the handlebars hum should tell you where to turn.

But this kind of solid is developed by Portland Ore.-based, called industry, and Thursday through the networking conference, from another level to see this very unusual. This is not a product sales, but in the form of a project to help the future design and manufacture of industrial.

The bike looks clean, because the speed change and the cable are in the titanium frame.

If you want to make it clear that the future is a problem. Before designers will design products on paper or the clay presented, then the it over to the manufacturing engineer, finally the real show in front of the user. Today, designers and manufacturers work at the same time, scanning the draft, through the plastic printing, the next generation of iterative products will soon come out. 3D printer will be a layer of soft raw materials into a layer of metal or plastic components, which will meet the needs of users to improve the ability to another level.

But this does not mean that you will be able to buy a bicycle solid material at a bicycle store next year. According to industry co founding Valadez Oved's prediction, this will completely change the way you buy the product.

"The future will be" personalized "back to service content." Valadez pointed out that the future of the purchase of products is not selected from the large and medium small three models, but to buy with their own fully in line with the size."

This approach will be applied to shoes, bicycles, cars and other more products, he stressed, you just use the phone to scan your own, the system will automatically recommend that you are fully in line with the size of the product."

With the popularity of computer aided design and manufacturing, Valadez industry in ten years ago, the earth shaking changes, but 3D printing means that the technical transformation is not over. Another big change is the computer hardware and software in the PCs and smart phones, cars, toys, thermostat, street lamps, traffic signal and countless other equipment popularity - this trend is called the Internet of things.

Competitive pressure

Needs to competition in the field of computer, fast pace of change also gave birth to the a independent discipline. It makes the design, engineering and manufacturing are tightly combined with the interpretation of France Enero design company co - founder Marc Chareyron together.

"If a designer will work to a software engineer, because the process is very long, and finally want to produce the actual product needs a lot of years." Chareyron added, "this will ruin the project, because in the waiting time, the product may be competitors beyond, or be eliminated by the new technology trends.


The solid state titanium bicycle frame 90% is completed by 3D printing, which contains a handle control, but the components are welded together. The rest of the handle is a traditional titanium alloy tube.

The industrial field

For the Valandez and the industrial field, solid bike project is a combination of hardware and software, and explore new cooperation way. They shot the true size of the life sketch and put them into Autodesk's Fusion 360 and Alias software. They will use the old board and new 3D printers to design titanium components for bicycles. What time of production? The manufacturing cycle through the titanium frame of the bicycle, they will 3D printing and traditional manual processing and manual welding technology.

"This is a new method, which is more iterative and collaborative. It allows you to quickly form and function to the same level." Valadez said, "I ten years ago, public utilities and beautiful."

They designed a bicycle with a mobile phone software, intelligent APP, so that people can choose the route through the city, to be able to focus on interesting attractions, shopping and dining areas. The bike itself has a Arduino based electronic board, can help the bike GPS, turn left or right by humming a reminder of what time users.

The industry's customers include Nike, Intel, Starbucks and InCase, backpack manufacturers and related electronic products manufacturers.

3D printing technology is not mature

3D printing is very useful for manufacturing the prototype, but this technique can't make all want to make the things, which is the limit for the size of titanium powder.

But creating new ideas of 3D printing. It allows more irregular shapes to appear, which will produce more work. Some solid components have an inner wall, which increases the strength of the high pressure area, which makes the appearance more beautiful.

It is important to build complex components that provide dual or three weight functions, especially in some special areas, such as the automotive industry, which is very important for durability. Another part of the work to provide multiple jobs, which means that designers can avoid the device together, in the specified time to reduce work pressure.

In the industrial field, 3D printing is accumulating experience, such as: titanium material need how long to complete the grinding machine and sand? How long to complete the size of the product.

Although 3D printing is currently relatively rough, early technology, such as molding technology and 

computer control tools are not mature, there are many limitations, but it is full of the future.

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