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24 Titanium Factory And Production Enterprises Settled In Baoji
Dec 07, 2015

Early winter on the site, the roar of the machine with a weld

 Construction in full swing in the West Network

- correspondent Zhang Xuan) Meixian King River science and Technology Industrial Park of Baoji - China Titanium Valley (East) Kaijian less than a year, attract 24 households titanium processing production enterprises settled in, as of the end of October has Rong source, pioneer, titanium process 6 enterprises successfully put into production. 2 households are debugging equipment, other companies are also speeding up the construction and procurement of equipment, will be put into operation before the end of the year. 24 titanium material processing enterprises after all, the annual output value of 41 yuan, profits and taxes 3.7 yuan, to solve the employment problem of more than 5000 people.

Baoji - China Titanium Valley (East) is located in Mei County King River Industrial Park, projects a total investment of 21.38 billion yuan, mainly in titanium processing and production, product line covers titanium plate, titanium, titanium wire, titanium bar, titanium tube profile processing, titanium alloy medical equipment, sporting goods, equipment manufacturing and other fields.

For the Baoji - China Titanium Valley to create world famous, with distinctive features and competitive advantage of national new material processing and high-end equipment manufacturing high-tech industrial base, 2013 December municipal government determined Meixian King River Industrial Park location of Baoji - China Titanium Valley (East), 2014, municipal Party committee, municipal government will Baoji - China titanium valley construction column for the city's industrial transformation and upgrading one of the four main battlefield. In Baoji, China Titanium Valley (East) construction, Meixian County of Chang Xing key provincial-level demonstration town, comprehensive management of the Weihe River, PA Wei convergence of the ecological landscape control and other major projects, the implementation of Park Road, electricity, pipe network, water supply and other key construction projects more than 20, for the enterprise provided water supply, electricity, roads, communications, gas and other basic facilities and first-class business circulation, financial services supporting service. At present, the park, hospitals, staff apartments, office buildings, hotels, commercial complexes, titanium Valley Building and other public service facilities have been completed the main building. Park responsible person said, the county on the service security, the implementation of the responsibility system, the establishment of the project approval green channel, and constantly improve the key project environmental monitoring points, and the destruction of the investment environment for the development of people and things, and create a good investment environment. At the same time, the use of the industrial park of the king of the provincial technical development zone policy advantage, mobilize all kinds of resources to build a financing platform to ease the development of troubled enterprises to provide a strong support for the development of enterprises

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