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2017 Baoji International Titanium Expo Ready
Apr 22, 2017

                                      2017 Baoji international titanium Expo ready

2017 China titanium, zirconium and hafnium annual conference and promote the application of the forum, Baoji China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo will be held from April 24th to 27 at the Baoji Convention and Exhibition center. April 13th, the reporter learned from the project negotiations, exhibitions, forums and other departments to understand, the current cooperation between the various departments of the organizing committee, the preparatory work has been ready.


Project promotion office:

Implementation of 20 investment projects, focusing on the promotion of the 14

Through the further promotion project unit, issued a solicitation notice signing of the project, up to now, the project collection, screening, evaluation and finishing work has been basically completed, and promote the project contracted projects has been basically established. Project to discuss and promote the implementation of the program has been completed, the work carried out in accordance with the orderly arrangement of the program.

According to reports, the current volume of investment project selection, collection content editing has been completed, has implemented 20 investment projects, including 15 high-tech zones, Meixian 5, 14 projects will focus on the promotion of the conference. "Around the project signing and promotion work, project promotion in the project collection have done a lot of work, high-end products focus on the development of titanium industry high-tech industrialization projects, and expand the application of titanium, for overall project progress smoothly." Zhang Jingyi, director of project promotion department told reporters.


Exhibition department:

To determine the total number of exhibitors 129 exhibitors abroad, a total of 10

The conference is the highlight of the exhibition, the two part of this year's exhibition by the domestic and foreign enterprises and titanium zirconium and hafnium exhibition features exhibition, special exhibition set Chinese titanium Valley display area, international product display area, new products and new technology exhibition area, a Alibaba trading online exhibition area four exhibition area. Up to now, has 117 exhibitors, has identified 129 exhibitors, including from Italy, the United States, Germany won 10 exhibitors. Special booth is one of the highlights of this year's exhibition hall, there are 29 special booth, covering an area of 2916 square meters, accounting for the total area of the exhibition hall of 71.34%.

Compared with 2015, the increase of exhibition booth area and the total area of the exhibition hall greatly is the biggest bright spot in this year's exhibition. According to Xu Yue, deputy director of the exhibition department, in recent years, the status of China Baoji titanium Valley gradually prominent, so that entrepreneurs from all walks of life are more willing to build a platform to promote their own government, highlighting their. The two years of titanium products upgrade, the extension of the industrial chain, titanium into the lives of the people, the application is more extensive, so that the entire titanium products have a greater development. In general, the status of China's titanium Valley in Baoji is more stable, at home and abroad, the world's growing influence, Baoji worthy of China's titanium valley."


Forum preparatory office:

The report will invite experts and scholars 21

This forum will report 21 experts were invited to, as well as the domestic and foreign titanium zirconium and hafnium industry insiders to the General Assembly at the scene, to explore the status of titanium, zirconium and hafnium materials market cooperation in upstream and downstream industries and the future market trends, new path with titanium zirconium and hafnium metal related new technologies, new technology and research, analysis of the application and development of titanium zirconium and hafnium materials in chemical, civil, military, medical, aviation, marine, sports and other fields. Then, in the 2017 China titanium zirconium and hafnium application and forum, Cao Chunxiao China Academy of Sciences will be "" titanium and aviation engine indissoluble bound report, in the petroleum pipe technology research institute professor Song Shengyin will be "research and development of titanium alloy tube wells and oil pipe application analysis" report, metallurgy and materials experts academician He Jilin will deliver a keynote speech.

"The forum more focus on the domestic market, in the analysis of the market, technology and industrial development of the frontier of weight is not enough, this year, market opportunities more mature, so please go to the industrial sector, the future market share and industry development trend for all the highlights". Wang Jingqing, deputy director of the forum preparatory office to reporters.


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