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2017 American International Titanium Association Europe Exhibition Held In Holland, Amsterdam
May 25, 2017

In May 17th, the American International Titanium Association Europe exhibition was held in Holland, Amsterdam. A major feature of the European titanium conference is the cancellation of large special booth, more than 50 exhibitors are 3X3 square meters standard booth. Even in the past of the titanium industry special equipment giant VSMPO-AVISMA in Russia, the United States TIMET are also low-key in the crowded booth, no former tall and rich sense of superiority. Seen from this, less money, more work, frugal simplicity, is the work style of the exhibition.

One big change is that mobile terminals have played an irreplaceable role in e-commerce. All delegates, listen to reports, visit factories, through mobile phones in the designated e-commerce platform in advance reservations. The paperless office has been fully realized. Mobile e-commerce office has been fully reflected. Young mobile phone controllers play well, and older gentlemen need to learn from registration to appointment.

The number of exhibitors in mainland China is among the best. The main channels of the exhibition are through the American titanium association, the Beijing Ward exhibition company and the Baoji titanium association. Participating enterprises such as China, Shanghai, BaoTi Chaoyang JINDA, Zhejiang Shen Ji, Jiangsu Hongbao and Baoji titanium processing enterprises. The meeting will end on 19. Let's wish the exhibition a complete success! Exhibitors with China!

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