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2016 Is The Key Year For The Promotion And Application Of High Titanium
Mar 20, 2017

As one of the emerging new materials industry supported by the state, in 2016 it is the key to promote the development of high-end titanium, as an important member of the new materials, will also play an important role in the key year in 2016.

High end titanium mainly refers to the production of high-performance titanium or titanium alloy products based on the processing of titanium sponge, its application covers a wide range of fields. At present, high-end titanium technology is mainly in the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries, with a high market monopoly, bargaining space is not large, restricting the use of the current high-end titanium and scale. But in our country to promote a new round of upgrading the industrial structure of the background, high-end titanium and will lead to a new round of demand. 

For example, in the global scope of 50% titanium rods used in the aviation field, the United States and Russia are more than 50%, while China is only less than 20%, the future is very large. 2014 to 2020, the United States will replace the generation of the three generation fighter aircraft, the use of the titanium rods of the four generation fighter ratio of 40%, while the Soviet Union, -27, F-15 and other titanium titanium ratio of the three generation is only about 17% of the proportion of F-22. China's large aircraft, space station, chang e program will be a large number of titanium rods. In the aviation industry, whether civil or military aircraft, due to its high temperature resistance, high strength, low quality and high performance excellent corrosion resistance, high titanium material has become an important material of various types of aircraft fuselage and engine, and the proportion of timber will also continue to improve. Civil aviation, civil aviation aircraft entered the domestic era, China aviation industry had predicted that the next 20 years China's new civil aircraft will exceed the number five thousand, at the same time in the city, for safety, agriculture, fire protection and other aspects of the civil aircraft demand will grow rapidly. Military aspects, in the context of the international arms race, China continues to strengthen national defense construction, optimize the level of air force equipment, military aircraft replacement will open a huge demand for space. In the field of ocean engineering, including shipbuilding, desalination, marine oil and gas development and utilization of ocean energy and other aspects will increase the demand for high-end titanium material, especially the shipbuilding industry to bring greater imagination, including new ships and units of incremental demand of titanium amount to raise the proportion of the two dimensions. In the field of nuclear power, with the construction of nuclear power to restart this year, "13th Five-Year" during the period of nuclear power will usher in the construction boom, with titanium welding pipe as an important high-end titanium material used in the field of nuclear power nuclear power, at the launch of a new round of nuclear power construction will bring huge incremental demand of titanium material. In the automotive field, automotive manufacturing is moving towards the stage of lightweight development, high-end titanium due to high strength, light weight, the proportion of the material in the car gradually increased. In the equipment manufacturing, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" put forward in the future to develop high-end equipment, high-end titanium material due to its excellent performance will also promote the use of new materials as important in the future, medical equipment, CNC machine tools, robotics, 3D printing and other aspects will be widely used.

The high-end titanium is widely used in the industries covered include not only The Belt and Road "strategy focusing on" going out "of the industry, also belong to" Chinese manufacturing key areas 2025 "vigorously promote, both Belt and Road Initiative" and "Chinese manufacturing 2025" two concepts in the national strategy and policy promote and support, 2016 will be China's "13th Five-Year" development at the beginning of the year, it Chinese conditions, high-end titanium related application is a crucial year, the demand for titanium caused the rise even growth space worthy of imagination and expectation.

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