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Market Situation of Sponge Titanium and Titanium Material after Festival
Mar 04, 2019

After the Spring Festival, due to cost support and market demand, the market quotation of sponge titanium is still relatively stable. Most enterprises mainly deal with pre-order, and new orders are less signed. 

As of Friday, the mainstream tax-bearing quotation of Titanium Sponge Grade 0 is between 60,000 and 68,000 yuan per ton. TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) contains tax price of 7.2-74 million yuan/ton, TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) contains tax quotation of 7.7-80 million yuan/ton, but the actual transaction price has a certain decline. Main raw materials of sponge titanium: magnesium ingot (Mg9990, no pickling, simple packaging), transaction price slightly increased, the mainstream quotation is 16800-16900 yuan/ton; in the aspect of titanium tetrachloride, affected by environmental protection and maintenance equipment of some enterprises, the output has decreased, the mainstream quotation is 7600-7700 yuan/ton, but the actual transaction price difference is large.

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