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Yunch Titanium has been recognized as one of the few companies with the manufacturing capacity and breadth of technology to supply the increasing demands for titanium and its alloys.....Read More+
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Yunch Titanium is a leading supplier and manufacturer of world-class quality titanium mill products for 13 years. We maintain a completed inventory and production ability of titanium mill products in ASTM/ ASME/ DIN/ JIS and other standards, including sheets/plates, pipes/tubes, fittings, bars/rods, wires, fasteners and forging parts, anodes etc. We also specialize in machining and exporting of non-ferrous metals to solve corrosion such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, nickel alloys and zirconium etc.
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Our products are widely applied in Refinery, Chemical & Industry, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical, 3D Printing, Water Purification,Environment protection, Aerospace, Medical, Sports and Electronics etc......Read More+
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The TiC phase is formed on the surface by carburizing titanium alloy material, which has very high hardness. However, the poor adhesion between TiC layer and ma……
Jan 18
​The application charm of TC4 titanium rod in automobile is not only limited to the lightweight of a specific part, but also the effect of quality reduction on ……
Jan 05
GR5 titanium alloy is also known as TC4 titanium alloy, because of its heat resistance, strength, plasticity, toughness, formability, weldability, corrosion res……
Jan 03
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