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Titanium Anode

Titanium Anode Mesh Ru Coating Water Treatment

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SYUNCH
Model Number:SYZ-Ti-Anode
Application:Swater treatment electroplating
Powder Or Not:SNot Powder
Ti Content (%):Sup 99.8%
Product Name:STitanium anode mesh Ru coating water treatment
substrate material:Stitanium Grade 1 Grade 2
Anode Shape:Splate tube mesh rod
coating:SRuthenium iridium,lead oxide (PbO2) platinum Ir-Ta
Coating Thickness:S0.76-15 microns
PH value:S1-12
material testing certificate:SEN10204.3.1
Temperature:S<80 degree celsius

Products Specifications:

Titanium anode mesh Ru coating water treatment

Product Description

Item Name

Ruthenium iridium coating titanium anode plates for saltwater chlorine generators electrolytic cell


Gr1 titanium as substrate, mixed Ruthenium and Iridium


As per customized



Anode Shape: plate, tube, mesh, rod

Base Metal: Gr1, Gr2, TA1, TA2

Coating Material: 99.95% pure platinum

Coating Thickness: 0.76-15 microns

Working Current: <5000A/sq m

Noble Metal Content: >15g/sq m

Content of Florin Ions: <50mg/L
Temperature: <80 degree celsius
PH Value: 1-12



High corrosion resistance 
High current efficiency
High durability
Base Metal canbe cycle used

High current density, high productivity
Light weight



Sewage treatment

Cathode protection

Noble metal plating (silver, gold)

Sea water antifouling

Testing electrode

Electrolytic syn thesis of organic

Electroplating Industry


Electrolytic water


Product Picture

Titanium anode mesh Ru coating water treatment


Titanium anode introduction


1. Name: Titanium electrode, Titanium electrode for salt-chlor industry, Titanium anode

 2. Grade: Gr1 Gr2 TA1 TA2

3. Current density : max 3000A/m

4. Muriatic acid content : max 20%

5. Content of florin ions : max 50mg/L

6. Coating material: RuO2+X

7. Nobel metal content: 8g/m2-25g/m2

8. PH value: 1-12


Testing in chlor-alkali industry


1. Potential : max 1.13V

2. Polarization rate : max 30mv

3.  Intensive life : min 3000mins

4. Intensive gravity: max 10mg


Features of titanium anode

1. High erosion-resisting

2. High current efficiency

3. Long durability

4. Floor can circle after electrodes lose activity


Titanium Anode


Gr1 Titanium as substrate, mixed Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium oxide as coating


Sand blasting,Acid washing and Brush Coating

Dimension & Shape

Different dimension and shape is available,or according to client's drawing



Current density≤2000A/M2


Salt water concentration 3~3.5%

Working Equipment

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Working Principle


 NaClO + H2O = HClO + NaOH

 HClO → HCl + [O]

 HCl + NaOH =NaCL+H2O


Salt water / Saline solution/ Brine/ Sea water


 High current efficiency property

 High catalytic property

 Lasting working life

 Light weight electrodes

 Keep the operating voltage stably

 Produce NaCLO & Chlorine high efficiency


NaCLO production


 Titanium anode also called MMO anode,DSA & Insoluble anode

 Cathode also be provided


Plastic or paper as inside, carton or plywood case as outside, or according to client's demand

MOQ Flexible,sample order acceptable


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