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West Gold Mining Launches Its Listing In Australia
May 10, 2018

Xiling snow, gold covered new titanium valley. In the afternoon of April 26th, Yunnan Xijin Mining planned to go to the Australian listing news conference to be held at the Nantong Binjiang Intercontinental Hotel. Qian Jin, chairman of Yunnan Xijin Mining Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech. Pan Yang, President of the Yunnan Titanium Industry Association, and the person in charge of the related investment and wealth management company and more than 200 guests witnessed Xijin Mining's “look at the global titanium industry”.

The project now has a titanium-iron mine, six mineral processing plants, one selected plant, two tailings reservoirs, and a project command center. The original mining right was Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. The total capital of the project is 500 million shares. The non-public issuance of 50 million shares of the original shares, the subscription price of 2 yuan per share, and the issuance amount of 100 million yuan.