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Titanium Technology, HB Series Fasteners, Through The Process Plan Review
Sep 30, 2017

                  Titanium technology, HB series fasteners, through the process plan review

In September 7th, the new development of titanium technology news, HB series of fastener products smoothly through the review process. Military representative to the sac chamber, the navy military representative in Shenyang area air chamber, Air Force stationed in Qingdao Military Representative Office of aviation industry, 601, 301, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and many other units of experts, and review group at the meeting.

Review group to listen to the related technology of titanium HB series fastener product development process led to the report, the craft plan question and discussion, agreed that the titanium technology for the product development process is feasible and reasonable process design, key process and special process of recognition, the developed products meet the standards and technology products requirements, agreed to review by.

The review is a confirmation of the development ability of titanium technology products, which will lay the foundation for the company to provide more comprehensive supporting services for the aviation model.