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The World's First 5 Curved 3D Glass Project Is Put Into Operation


    The world's first 5 curved 3D glass project is put into operation

In September 4th, Zhejiang Yingchi photoelectricity science and technology limited company 1 billion

 yuan investment in the construction of intelligent terminal 3D glass project officially put into operation

 in Pujiang, which is the world's first mass production of smart terminal 5 surface 3D glass production 

line, also means that Pujiang from manufacturing to made a key step across the exit.

In August 8th this year, SHARP phones officially released the first product to return to China - SHARP 

AQUOSS2, pioneered the 5 curved 3D glass design. Next, the 5 surface 3D smart glass models of mobile 

phone production will start in Pujiang, the end of September 100 thousand delivery. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual output of "intelligent terminal 3D glass" 60 million sets, the annual sales is expected to reach 4 billion yuan.

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