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The United States Acquired The Exclusive Exploration And Exploitation Rights Of The Cook Islands


The day before, deep-sea mining limited liability company headquartered in Texas, Houston announced that it has the exclusive right to negotiate the exploration and exploitation of rare earth elements in the Cook islands of the South Pacific ocean.

Deep sea mining limited liability company, the region as a new source of rare earth elements potential is ripe, they are rich in deep sea and more and more applied in Aluminum Alloy high-tech, green energy and create a stronger and more resistant to corrosion of the aerospace and defense applications.

The Cook islands consists of 15 islands located in the northeast of the Hawaii islands, about 3000 miles south of New Zealand and about 2000 miles. The right of ocean mining is located in the exclusive economic zone of the island, which is 200 nautical miles from the coast of the country.

The value of the field is derived from another Houston company, Deep Reach Technology, Inc. survey done.

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