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The Titanium Rivet On The Carrier Is So Expensive: One Can Change A Audi

Source: The titanium rivet on the carrier is so expensive: one can change a Audi

A rivet costs at least one hundred thousand yuan or more, and not every country has the ability to process it. If you rely on imports, the price will be higher. The rivet is made of titanium alloy, which is considered a rare metal because it is dispersed and difficult to extract in nature. The characteristics of light weight, high strength, with metal luster, also have good corrosion resistance (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine). Because of its stable chemical properties, good resistance to high temperature, low temperature, strong acid, alkali resistance, as well as high strength and low density, has been praised as "space metal"".

In fact, not all of the rivets on the aircraft carrier are valuable, in China, it is worth RMB1 million. But foreign titanium rivets are valuable, and Audi is much cheaper. But the value of a Audi rivet is there, the price of the rivet is used in function with vertical takeoff and landing on the aircraft carrier, because these rivets should bear when taking off from a VTOL aircraft from up to 1000 degrees high temperature flame.

Titanium rivets are really expensive in the processing process. Titanium international price of $28 / kg, about 90 yuan per jin. Titanium scrap recycling price of about 50 yuan a kilogram.

The reason that titanium alloy products sell very expensive is not that they are valuable materials. The most expensive titanium alloys sold in the metal materials market will not exceed 600 yuan per kilogram. The reason why titanium alloy products sell so well is that the processing costs are very high. Titanium alloy material is one of the most difficult materials to be machined in the machining industry. Its processing cost is several times to several times of its material value. Simply give you a feature of the titanium alloy and you can see the difficulty of processing. Heat conduction coefficient is low, that is to say, heat transfer is slow. If the heat transfer is slow, the heat will accumulate locally and burn the tool easily. Therefore, the cutting speed of the cutting tool is very slow in order not to produce a lot of heat, so the processing time is long. In order to improve the processing efficiency of titanium alloys, some large factories will use liquid nitrogen to process cooling. In addition, when machining the tiny particles of titanium alloy, the temperature of about 200 degrees will burn when the cooling is not good. The risk of fire caused by the processing of the workpiece, processing costs naturally.

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