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Termal Spraying Rotary Titanium Sputtering Target


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:Titanium Oxide(TiOx)  Sputtering Target

  • Origin:China

Product Description
The advantages of our thermal spraying rotary Titanium Oxide(TiOx) target:
1. High quality-Resistivity(20 Celsius degree): <0.1 ohm. Cm and Density: >4.0g/cm3(>95%);
2. Competitive price;
3. Color: Blue-black appearance
4. High purity, high compactness and uniform grain size(100&#956;m);
5. Good packing and transportation;
Item Name Craftsmanship Purity Shape Application
Titanium Oxide (TiOx)  Sputtering Target                        (TiOx: x<2;  Density:>4.0g/cm3) Smelting  forging/ Thermal spraying   2N6 Cylindrical/Rotary (dog-bone-shaped),     as your request 1)Function Coated Film Application;
2)Glass Coating Appication,for example heat reflecting glass;
3)Optical Communication Application,for example photoelectron catalytic.

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