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New Materials Of Titanium Alloy Stimulate The Development Of Aviation Industry


In the process of the development of aviation manufacturing, the replacement of the material presents a high speed change, the material and the aircraft have been developing continuously. "Generation of materials, generation of aircraft" is a true portrayal of the history of the development of the world's aviation. The new material is an important basis of aviation technology, the upgrading of traditional industries and the development of high-tech industries as the pilot, the aviation industry has become the most dynamic and potential areas of development. The development and application of new materials such as titanium alloy, the reporter before the interview with Cao Chinese Chunxiao Academy of sciences.

Reporter: the increasing amount of titanium alloy material is the base of aircraft manufacturing, no new material preparation of high-end technology, the development of the aviation industry is difficult to reach the tip, with the development of the aviation industry and the development of new types of aviation materials demand which changes compared with the previous?

Cao Chunxiao: with the development of the aviation industry, the requirements of material strength is higher and higher, better performance. Now more and more composite and titanium alloys are used in aircraft and engines. Composite materials, for example, were rarely used on airplanes in the 80s of last century, but they have developed rapidly these years. The latest version of the Boeing 787 composite material has accounted for the proportion of up to 50%, titanium alloy to a total of $15% in the field of civil aircraft broke the record. Prior to the Boeing 777 aircraft composite material consumption was only about 10%, the amount of titanium alloy was only about 8%, beyond the imagination of the span.

Composite material and titanium alloy of these materials are large-scale application development, there are two main reasons: one is the research and application of material accumulation of practical experience, material performance and reliability and better; second is with the development of manufacturing technology, the material itself is much lower than the previous price. Specifically, the past use of Ti-6AI-4V (TC4) titanium alloy, we continue to use at the same time, also developed new varieties of titanium alloy strength and higher performance, after years of testing, many aircraft parts have started using the new titanium alloy. For example, Boeing 777 aircraft at the same time the use of Ti1023, beta 21S, Ti153 these brands of beta titanium alloy, which is the first time these three grades of titanium alloy on the use of civil aircraft in. Airbus A380 aircraft landing gear using Ti1023 titanium alloy forgings 3.2 tons, 4.2 meters long, is currently the world's largest titanium alloy forgings. Titanium alloy has the unique properties, so its application prospect is more extensive. The anti shelling ability for example, because the titanium alloy composite material was better than anti shelling ability, the amount of U.S. F-22 fighter composite materials from the original 44.7% to 24% now, and the amount of titanium alloy was improved to 41%. Use aircraft titanium alloy than civil aircraft, but also for enhancing the combat power considerations. In addition, the emergence of a new kind of alloy, which has high fracture toughness and low fatigue crack growth rate, is the main reason for the increasing amount of titanium alloy on the aircraft.

Aluminum alloy is still indispensable reporter: titanium alloy and composite materials in aviation applications more and more widely, then the development of other materials and how?

Cao Chunxiao: composite materials, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, steel and high temperature alloy is the aircraft and engine of the five candidate materials, they have been in the competition to promote each other, complement each other, and constantly develop. Although the composites and titanium alloys have advantages in the aspect of specific strength and corrosion resistance, the advantages of aluminum alloy and steel have been found in the process and economic performance. High temperature alloys occupy the most important position in aero engines. It must also be noted that aluminum alloy and steel have been working to develop new high-performance new varieties and continuously improve their competitiveness.

Therefore, the general trend is the application of composite materials and titanium alloys gradually, but aluminum alloy and steel is still an indispensable important aviation materials. At present, the world's largest aviation forgings are aluminum alloy forgings, in the Airbus A380 aircraft on the wing of a beam, the use of a brand of 7085 aluminum alloy, forging up to more than 6 meters, weighing up to 3.9 tons.

Reporter: like 80 thousand tons of large die forging press such a large heavy equipment have come out, not only is the improvement of China's re capacity, but also enhance the national strength, the development of aviation materials what is the significance?

Cao Chunxiao: the overall structure of the aircraft and engine is a very important direction of modern aviation equipment development, integration can not only reduce the structural weight, improve reliability, improve the assembly efficiency, but also reduce the cost. Who can achieve structural integrity, who can develop rapidly.

China double 80 thousand tons of large forging press forging of large forgings, changed by mechanical connection or welding manufacturing of aircraft structural components, for the promotion of titanium alloy forging and forging steel, the whole is very important. 80 thousand tons of large forging press than the previous Russian 75 thousand tons of the world's largest forging press, can not solve the problem of large forgings can do in China, we become strong, the significance of forging of titanium alloy, aviation power of major powers.

In addition to 80 thousand tons of large forging presses can produce large forgings, promote the overall structure of the forging, (whether Aluminum Alloy, steel, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy precision forging) plays an important role in promoting. 

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