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National Key Advanced Titanium Base Alloy For Aviation


Recently, the national key research project "key technologies and materials supporting platform" genetic engineering "aircraft with special focus on the advanced titanium alloy design and manufacture of integrated computing" project start will be held in the Chinese Academy of Sciences metal. The Ministry of Industry Development Promotion Center letter Yi Feng Tao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor Ceng Xiaoqin, the expert in charge of the project, China Hangfa Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials researcher Zhang Guoqing, Tsinghua University professor Duan Wenhui, Institute of metal director Yang Rui, deputy director of the Zhang Zhefeng project, the responsible person and the Central South University researcher Xu Dongsheng, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Tsinghua University, Northeastern University, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) and other units involved in the project staff of more than 30 people attended the meeting.

The state key development program "with a special focus on the advanced titanium alloy aviation design and manufacture of integrated computing" proposed by simulation method, microstructure and macro development of atoms in different space and time scales, the construction design and calculation and optimization platform of titanium alloy, and on this basis, the titanium alloy design and process optimizing the development of high-throughput multi-scale simulation, combined with experimental research, accelerate the realization of some typical application and demonstration of the aviation component.

The meeting project leader Xu Dongsheng reported on the implementation of the project overview, plan, assessment indicators and management measures, the project leader has also made a detailed report on the research content, research plans, objectives, evaluation index and milepost plan etc.. After listening to the report, the project team of experts on the project and the task of the technical route and implementation of the program made valuable comments and suggestions. Project responsibility expert Ceng Xiaoqin pointed out in his concluding remarks, will start to further clarify the mission objectives, embodies the consensus to tackle tough, hope the research objectives of the project were further condensed in experts under the guidance of optimized implementation, continuous innovation and breakthrough, contribute to the overall goal of achieving a special focus on the genetic engineering of materials.

Yang Rui, director of the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the start of the meeting, the metal will be fully promote the organization and implementation of the project, to ensure the completion of the mission objectives.  Under the leadership of the Ministry of science and technology Yi Fengtao introduced in the context of the national science and technology plan reform, the Ministry of industry to promote the development of the main tasks of the center, management responsibilities, specific work, etc.. He pointed out that in the process of project implementation, each unit commitment to strengthen cooperation, according to the mission objectives and assessment indicators, this paper systematically analyzes the technical route and implementation plan, the establishment of milepost type management mode, also stressed that the undertaker should earnestly implement the legal person responsibility system, provide guarantee conditions, which lays the foundation for realization of the goal of the project.

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