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International Standard BaoTi Titanium Led The Drafting Proposal Has Received International Recognition


International standard BaoTi titanium led the drafting proposal has received international recognition

September 26th, ISO /TC79/ SC11 (light metals and alloys International Standardization Technical Committee eleventh branch, is responsible for the international standard setting of titanium) working group meeting held in Baoji.

At the meeting, the two sides on titanium and titanium alloy welded pipe with titanium with technical delivery conditions (PWI 21334), titanium and titanium alloy thick plate and strip technical delivery conditions (PWI 21335), delivery conditions of titanium and titanium alloy rod, bar and billet (PWI 21336), titanium and titanium alloy designation system (NP 17619), the determination of Al, V content of titanium and titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ICP-AES (PWI 21339), titanium and titanium alloy after induction furnace combustion infrared absorption method for the determination of carbon content (NP 13093) six international standard proposal specific content item by item are discussed (including the first five international standardized case BaoTi led the drafting) representatives of the two sides; the five standard NP13093 except for the first proposal provided abroad fierce debate, the representative of China. The Japanese side to admit China related international standard proposal for the first mention abroad, and Conference minutes were formed.

On September 25th ~29, the standard light metals and their alloys held in Beijing International Technical Committee (ISO/TC79) twenty-fourth annual meeting, meeting minutes on the formation of ISO/TC79/SC11 in Baoji working group meeting on the were confirmed, and the president of ISO/TC79 in Denis Chadefaux, Secretary David Krupka's testimony, confirmed the China is PWI 21334 PWI, 21335, PWI 21336, PWI 21339, NP 17619 and 5 international standard proposal first provided abroad status. BaoTi as the only domestic enterprises to participate in the meeting on behalf of the field of titanium.

The international standard, ISO titanium project is put forward on behalf of the Chinese BaoTi finally gained international recognition and support for the formulation of international standard milepost type Baoji Titanium meaning. BaoTi will take this opportunity, in the national nonferrous metal Standardization Technical Committee under the leadership of in-depth research and preparation of 5 ISO titanium standard project, in strict accordance with the ISO standards and requirements, the early completion of the project research, forming ISO titanium standard by Chinese led the preparation of the official documents.

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