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In October 2017 China Titanium Ore Imports Rose 43.34%
Nov 29, 2017

                   In October 2017 China titanium ore imports rose 43.34%

According to the General Administration of customs statistics, 2017 October China's titanium ore and concentrate imports 185797.962 tons, an increase of 43.34%, a decrease of 26.41%. Among them, the top three countries were Australia 50804.42 tons, Kenya 42501.342 tons, Vietnam 331139.25 tons, the first three regions: 34122.28 tons in Hainan, 29001.342 tons in Henan, 26850.872 tons in Guangxi. In 2017 1-10 month China titanium total imports of 2499778.03 tons, an increase of 34.88%. In 2017 October China's titanium ore concentrate and the export volume of 1271.5 tons, an increase of 374.44%, a decrease of 17.86%. 1-10 months of 2017 total exports of 18323.78 tons of titanium ore, an increase of 66.74%.