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Evaporation And Sputtering Materials

Source: Evaporation and sputtering materials

Applied industry & Products

Category classification

The main target


Transparent conducting targets

Electrical materials AZO, HAZO, GZO, ZnO, BZO

Ceramic materials Nb2Ox, TiOx, SiO2, CdS, Al2O3, SnO2, ZnS, WC


The target Aluminum Alloy AlNd, AlCu, AlTi, CrAl, TiCrAl, AlNd

Copper alloy CuGa, CuIn, CuInGa, CuNi, CuZn

Nickel alloy NiCr, NiV, NiCu

Zinc alloy ZnSn, ZnAl

Other alloys MoNb, SiAl, InSn, MoTa, TiSi


The target compound materials of AZO, Nb2Ox, TiOx, SiAl, ZnSn, ZnAl, AlNd, MoNb, MoTa

Si, Cr, elemental Al, Mo, Nb, Sn, SUS, Cu, Ti

Metal target plane Si and Al, Cr, Mo, In, Ti, Nb, Zn, SS, Sn, Ni, Ta, Cu

Evaporated material particles ITO slug, Ti slug, Ni slug

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