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China's First Nuclear Power Condenser Cooling Water Titanium Pipe Localization Project In Hunan Started Manufacturing


In February 28, 2017, China nuclear power plant demonstration of CAP1400 condenser cooling water of domestic titanium pipe ceremony cast Jintian New Material Co. Ltd. in Hunan held in hunan. Dongfang turbine Co. Ltd. announced that the project was officially started, China Nuclear Engineering Company Limited, Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co. Ltd., Shanghai Electrical Inspection Supervision Co. Ltd., Hunan Hunan Investment Technology Group, Yiyang Jintian (National) hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Chinese nuclear industry association and other units related to leadership, experts to participate in the project construction the ceremony.

China Shandong Shidao Bay nuclear CAP1400 demonstration project is a complete intellectual property rights of China's third generation nuclear power technology CAP1400 the first national demonstration project, test and verification platform is the three generation nuclear power technology innovation development indispensable, "13th Five-Year" at the end of our nuclear power production rate reached 85% and made outstanding contributions.

The country's nuclear power plant demonstration of CAP1400 condenser cooling water titanium pipe project was first used in Hunan Hunan cast titanium pipe production of independent research and development of Jintian new material limited company, as the core material of nuclear steam turbine condenser, all of its raw materials from Hunan Hunan Science and technology group to provide investment gold, realized from sponge titanium, titanium ingots, titanium strip coil to titanium pipe full industry chain in China, marking the Chinese manufacturing titanium pipe into the "golden domestic nuclear power equipment demonstration project" ranks, to fill the gaps in the key material localization project of nuclear power in China, breaking the passive situation of the long-term dependence on imports of materials. This has laid a good foundation for the overall localization of nuclear power equipment in China, and provides an important support for promoting the development of national industry, nuclear power autonomy and localization.

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