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BTCC Released Titanium Metal Entity Bitcoin

Source: BTCC released titanium metal entity bitcoin

BTCC recently released a titanium metal entity bitcoin. The "BTCC Mint bitcoin bitcoin currency entity provides the most popular digital encryption currency entity to the bitcoin enthusiasts, collectors and other public coins.


"For BTCC, the introduction of physical bitcoin is an important achievement," said Li Qiyuan, chief executive officer of BTCC (Bobby Lee). "Today we have issued coins as a unique collection, the purpose is to arouse public interest in the interest of bitcoin."

2016 one bitcoin V series is BTCC Mint bitcoin in the first series, made of precision casting of titanium material, with a value of a bitcoin private key in which.

BTCC Mint is the first launch of the new coins containing the entity bitcoin. These new coins coming from the next 100 years is about to produce the 5 million 400 thousand bitcoins.

"We can only guarantee the entity currency bitcoin from mining companies reward," BTCC chief operating officer (Samson Mow) said it right. "These new coins with no trading records were dug directly from the BTCC mine pool."


BTCC Mint bitcoin use the lightest, highest hardness of natural metal - titanium, precision casting.

"We chose the titanium material of the space class material to cast the physical currency, because it is the most representative of the strong, lightweight, durable characteristics of bitcoin," explains Li Qiyuan. The V series of coins also express our vision for the future of bitcoin, that is: in the near future, everyone uses bitcoin."

Released in May 26, 2016, 2016 one bitcoin V series is BTCC Mint bitcoin in the first series.

Positive BTCC Mint a bitcoin (head) BTCC logo logo printed and bitcoin, symbolizing the two trusted entity, BTCC, operating the world's longest bitcoin exchange; and bitcoin, the world's leading digital currency. Around both laurel represents an important status of bitcoin, as well as a better vision of BTCC "everyone use bitcoin". The front is engraved with the words "BTCC MINT", "ONE BITCOIN", "V Series", "2016", and "Titanium".


BTCC Mint bitcoin bitcoin (tail) printed with two stars, representing the number of coins bitcoin block. At present, the two stars, in July after the production halved, coins will appear on the three stars. The opposite is engraved with "we believe digital encryption" and "1000000 BITS", at the same time with a possession of the private key anti unsealing laser label.

BTCC Mint is the world's longest operating bitcoin exchange - BTCC, the production of solid bitcoin brand. BTCC in 2016 released BTCC Mint bitcoin series entity bitcoin, highly collectible value. Please visit for more information.


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