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Boeing's Ability To Improve The Precision Of Titanium Alloy Parts


        Boeing's ability to improve the precision of titanium alloy parts

Recently, foreign media reported that the Boeing company (BOEING) is located in the northwestern United States Montana (Montana) production base will be equipped with the purchase of new CNC machine tools for processing hard materials and lightweight materials, the parts will eventually be used in the Boeing 777X.

It is understood that this series of aircraft is the world's largest and most advanced and most efficient twin, compared to other competing models (such as the Airbus A350, A380 777X), the fuel consumption can be reduced by 12%, is expected to reduce operating costs 10%. Airlines are expected to begin operations by 2020.

The processing task of key parts for the upcoming Boeing 777X aircraft, expansion in the precision machining of the strength, has been located in the Montana Helena production base in the completion of the expansion of 90000 square feet. It is reported that the base dedicated to Boeing 737, 747, 767 and 787 and other models of complex hard metal materials processing.

At present, a total of 257000 square feet of Boeing Helena production base will be equipped with new CNC machine tools for processing 777X connecting wing parts of the fuselage, as well as terminal terminal device.

Titanium alloy material is strong and light, and it has been a difficult problem of precision machining. At the same time, because of the hardness of the tool material itself high rigidity challenges -- whether the speed of processing the need for effective control, or by cooling ways to offset the adverse effects of hard material in high performance when processing. A common example of the latter is cryogenic processing, such as delivering liquid nitrogen to a cutting tool.

Boeing has not disclosed the cost of the expansion of Montana's production base, nor has it mentioned whether the new processing capacity will begin to work early next year.

In 2010, Boeing bought Summit Aeronautics, a former Helena production base in Montana (Montana), which had been working on the manufacture of aircraft, titanium alloys and metal structures. Boeing said it was the second expansion since the acquisition, and that Boeing has invested $12 million over the past year.

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