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Analysis Of Present Situation And Development Trend Of China [map] Sputtering Target Industry In 2015


1, introduction of sputtering target

Belongs to a sputtering physical vapor deposition technology, is one of the main techniques for preparing electronic film materials, it uses ions generated in the ion source, in a high vacuum after accelerated aggregation, and the formation of ion beam bombardment can high speed flow, solid surface, ions and solid surface atoms have kinetic energy exchange, the solid the surface of the solid atoms leaving and deposited on the substrate surface, solid bombarded with raw materials of sputtered films, known as sputtering target.

The following basic principle of sputtering target:

In general, sputtering target is mainly composed of a target blank, back and other parts, which is of high speed target blank ion beam bombardment of a target material, the core part belongs to the sputtering target, in sputtering process, target blank by the ion impinges upon the surface atoms by sputtering deposited on the substrate and fly out into electronic film due to the high purity; metal is generally soft, and sputtering targets need to install a special machine to complete in the sputtering process, the machine internal for high voltage and high vacuum environment, therefore, back mainly to fixed target, and the need to have good electrical and thermal conductivity.

According to different classification methods, can be divided into different categories of sputtering target, the following classification:

Serial number

Classification criteria

Product categories


According to shape classification

Long target, square target, round target


According to the classification of chemical composition

Metal material (pure aluminium and titanium, copper, tantalum, etc.) alloy (Ni Cr alloy,

The nickel cobalt alloy etc.) and ceramic compound target (oxides, carbides and silicides, sulfur

Chemical compounds, etc.


Classification by application

The semiconductor chip, the target plane display target, solar target, information storage

Target, tool modification target, target, target other electronic devices

Application of sputtering target materials widely, because of various applications, requirements of sputtering target selection and performance of metal materials, there are some differences as follows:

application area

Metallic materials

Main use

performance requirement

Semiconductor chip

Ultra high purity aluminum, titanium, copper,


Preparation of integrated circuits

Key raw material

High technical requirements, high purity metal, high precision, high integration

Flat panel display

High purity aluminum, copper, molybdenum and so on,

Tin doped indium oxide (ITO)

High definition television, pen

Remember the computer, etc.

High technical requirements, high purity materials, material area, high degree of uniformity

Solar cell

High purity aluminum, copper, molybdenum,

Chrome and so on, ITO

Thin film solar power


High technical requirements, large scope of application

Information storage

Chromium base, cobalt base alloy, etc.

CD-ROM, CD etc.

High storage density and high transmission speed

Tool modification

Pure metal chromium, chromium aluminum alloy


Tool, mold and other table

Surface strengthening

High performance requirements and long service life

Electronic device

Ni Cr alloy, chromium silicon alloy


Thin film resistor, film


Small size, good stability, small temperature coefficient of resistance

Other areas

Pure metal chromium, titanium, nickel, etc.

Decorative coating, glass

Coating, etc.

General technical requirements, mainly used for decoration, energy saving, etc.

2, the industry position in the industrial chain

High purity sputtering target industry belongs to the field of electronic materials, the relationship between the upstream and downstream industry chain:

High purity sputtering target industry chain

Since 1990s, with the rapid development of consumer electronics terminal application market, high purity sputtering target for increasing the size of the market, showing rapid growth momentum. According to statistics, in 2014 the world high pure sputtering target market with annual sales of about $8 billion 570 million. It is predicted that the next 5 years, the sputtering target market size will exceed $16 billion, high purity sputtering target market compound annual growth rate reached 13%.

High purity sputtering target market capacity in 2014

High purity sputtering target products are mainly used in the semiconductor industry, flat-panel display industry and solar battery industry, as the market capacity and the development trend of these areas:

(1) semiconductor industry

2011-2014, the global semiconductor market to maintain steady growth, with an average annual compound growth rate of 3.88% in 2014 sales reached $335 billion 800 million. Overall, in recent years, the global semiconductor market is still in the overall steady rise stage, is expected in 2015, the global semiconductor market size will rise to about $358 billion.

Global semiconductor market size and forecast

According to statistics in 2013 the global semiconductor material sales of $43 billion 460 million, of which wafer manufacturing materials sales of $22 billion 760 million, packaging materials of $20 billion 700 million. In wafer manufacturing material, sputtering target materials chip manufacturing accounted for about 2.6% of the market. In the testing and packaging materials, packaging and testing of sputtering target materials market accounted for about 2.3%. In 2014 the global semiconductor sputtering target sales of $1 billion 160 million.

2011-2014 global semiconductor sputtering target market size

Unit: million dollars


2011 year

2012 year

2013 year

2014 year

Sputtering target market size with the global solar cell (million)

Six point one

Eight point six

Eleven point six

Fifteen point two

growth rate





Semiconductor market size in China

With the domestic target mature technology, especially domestic sputtering targets with higher price advantage, and consistent with the localization of sputtering target oriented policies, our target market will further expand the scale, in the global market is expected to get more 

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