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2016 China Titanium Dioxide Rose Crazy


In September 14, 2016, the domestic titanium dioxide industry leading billions, Lomon titanium industry have announced price increases, since 2016 Chinese titanium dioxide tenth wave of price surge that officially. The improvement of the domestic market supply and demand and the overall improvement of the export market is to support China's titanium dioxide industry in 2016 the key to the crazy upward.

In September 14, 2016, the leading domestic industry with billions Lomon titanium titanium dioxide industry has announced the increase of its rutile titanium dioxide prices, the domestic customers raised 500 yuan / ton, to 50 U.S. dollars / tons of international customers raised. Considering Shandong Dongjia, Gimpo titanium, Ji'nan Yuxing and other domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers have also been in early September when the price increases, the billions and Sichuan longmang collective price means that since 2016 China titanium dioxide tenth wave of price surge has been officially struck. While experiencing the wave of price surge, since the beginning of January 2016, China titanium dioxide industry crazy ten rising has successfully pulled up domestic rutile titanium dioxide price of about 4500 yuan / ton, the growth rate of nearly 50%.

In 2016 Chinese "slow economic growth" development mode, China titanium dioxide industry has swept away the haze in 2015, wind up, soar. Attribution, the main reasons include the following:

Supply and demand to improve the universe

After entering 2016, China real estate deal frequent not poor, have been cut RRR cuts, Shoufu, adjustment fund and other policies are to stimulate the good effect on the property market Chinese. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2016 1-8 months, China's commercial housing sales area of 875 million square meters, an increase of 25.5%; housing new construction area of 1 billion 68 million square meters, an increase of 12.2%. In addition, the automotive industry this year also showed good results, according to the automobile association data, the first half of 2016 Chinese automobile production and sales were 12 million 892 thousand and 200 and 12 million 829 thousand and 800 vehicles, an increase of 6.47% and 8.14%, respectively over the same period last year increased by 3.83 percentage points and 6.71 percentage points.

The titanium dioxide industry of the two terminal of the downstream market collectively to improve titanium dioxide demand growth has played a great role in elevating. On the other hand, trapped in the second half of 2015 the industry history of low background and more stringent environmental protection examination, market supply Chinese titanium dioxide in 2016 has decreased, it is understood that in the enterprise ten Chinese titanium dioxide production top, including Lomon titanium, Shandong, new Ningbo, Tobest billions Fu and more than half of the companies cut in 2016 with an average annual.

Under the shift, after China titanium dioxide industry serious imbalance between supply and demand conditions have been greatly improved, it has become a primary factor in the support prices.

Exports continued to be positive, enterprise inventory worries

Due to the continued depreciation of the RMB and the degree of attention of the domestic titanium dioxide enterprises on the export market, since 2016, China's titanium dioxide export market presents a comprehensive trend. According to China customs statistics, 2016 1-7 months, Chinese titanium dioxide exports reached 445576 tons, an increase of 27.48%, reaching the highest value, which exports to Europe and the Middle East market has achieved an increase of over 50%. In the enterprise, including the export volume of Sichuan longmang, Henan billions in the number of first-line China titanium dioxide enterprises are to achieve an increase of about 30%.

Based on domestic demand growth significantly, the export market continued good performance is further accelerated Chinese titanium dioxide enterprises to keep the speed of delivery, low inventory production and operation of enterprises is an important factor to increase the frequency of domestic titanium dioxide.

On the market outlook, due to the current China titanium dioxide market is still at the "golden nine silver ten", the fundamentals and market supply and demand still exist, the domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers is still more likely pushed a wave of price behavior in October. But in November, taking into account the Chinese titanium dioxide market will be transferred to the season by season, rising prices end also more likely to stimulate the industry operating rate increases, then the Chinese titanium dioxide prices will decline may be greater. Shaanxi thriving Pioneer Metals corporation specializing in Shaanxi titanium rod manufacturers is the best choice.

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