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The development prospects of the target
Aug 01, 2016

Tungsten titanium target material as coating material for photovoltaic battery is a 

recently developed it as a third generation solar cell of the barrier is the best choice.

Due to a series of W-Ti thin films has very excellent performance, the amount of applications is 

rapidly increasing in recent years, 2008 W-Ti target world consumption has reached 400t. With 

development of photovoltaic industry, the demand of the target will be bigger and bigger. With the 

industry to predict the amount of its use will be greatly increased. The solar cell market is 

growing at a rate of 100%, the world has more than 30 companies to participate in the solar market 

further development, and existing products into the market, such as Germany Wverthsurlfulcell, 

America's global solar energy, Japan's Honda Showa solar shell, Hitachi Metals, etc.. Large size, high density, high pure W-Ti target of China's development, belongs to the ion sputtering target material. 

Can be widely used in display of the barrier layer or a color layer, decorative layer of notebook computer, battery package, solar (photovoltaic) battery barrier layer, with good market prospect and economic benefit. On the other hand, China's tungsten industry can promote the upgrading of products, to obtain a higher value added.