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vacuum coating
Nov 03, 2016

Decorative coating:

Application of cathodic arc coating technology (Arc Coating Cathodic):

For decorative purposes. With high hardness, high brightness, resist oxidation, do not fall off, do not fade and other excellent characteristics.

Currently applied to:

Bathroom hardware, building hardware, automotive hardware, chassis), decorative accessories have been a large number of the use of such coating technology.

Common target:

Ti target, zirconium Zr target, chrome Cr target graphite Graphite target, titanium al TiAl target

The target shapes: cylindrical target plate target tube target.

In the process of entering the N2, O2, C2H2 and other gases that can form gold, bronze, black and other colors, and has the technical advantages in the development of new colors.

Tool coating:

The requirements of high hardness, low wear, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, high adhesion. High technology level in decorative plating.

Commonly used materials and decorative plating basically the same: Ti, Al, Cr, C, TiAl.

Like Coating Diamond (DLC)

Also alloy has been widely used in cutting tools: TiSi, CrSi, CrAl, TiCr, AlTiSi, AlCrSi, etc.).