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titanium industrial fields
Apr 20, 2016

                              Titanium industry fields

Titanium alloys are promising for use on ships. It has a relationship with the strength and toughness of the

titanium alloy, there is resistance to corrosion, titanium in seawater is extremely stable, basically can 

be that the ship is not corrosion, so that both can reduce maintenance costs, can also reduce the hull 

weight. In terms of ships is great benefits. In addition, there is a need to mention two points: the first

 titanium is nonmagnetic, against magnetic detection is a very great help, as far as what magnetic mines 

ah, not worth to worry about. With advanced ship composite coating with natural fusion, in the future will 

use stealth composites have a drawback is with the ship before the use of high-strength special steel react,

 due to potential difference easily in seawater of galvanic, accelerate corrosion, this kind of thing in 

052 have tried, not how long will the rusty, but these coatings with titanium alloy can perfect integration.

(2) the use of titanium in the defense industry of other countries

The world has been retired, or serving in the research of weapons and equipment, the use of many parts of 

titanium and its alloys, with the transformation of the mode of modern warfare, the high mobility 

requirements of a modern army is very outstanding, so the army must rely on the ability of aircraft to 

achieve rapid maneuver, which requires light as far as possible the army would heavy equipment, such as all

 countries now hope that their artillery can effectively quickly transferred to another place, to achieve 

strategic or tactical purposes, which is bound to titanium alloy a bright future in the field of 


as the United States M777 light howitzer, due to the use of titanium alloy shell, combat weight dropped to 

3.175 tons, can use V22 or C130 air, ability to achieve rapid maneuver. Similar to the British UFH ultra 

light 155 mm artillery, less than 4 tons of weight inside the use of 1 tons of titanium alloy. In the field

 of air and naval equipment is even more so, the following is a brief introduction to the typical examples

 of successful application of titanium alloys:

Aircraft titanium data

Today's global economy has gradually out of the trough, the international aviation industry began to resume

 growth, international titanium industry also with the tide ushered in a new period of rapid growth, 

Chinese enterprises will also usher in new opportunities.

In recent years is the starting of the replacement of the fourth generation fighter, followed by many years,

 there will be a lot of new fighters into the army every year. New fighters in the selection of a very 

particular and forward-looking, in the next many years, the military and aerospace industry is bound to be 

the first major users of titanium.

Fungi also recently announced a new submarine carrying the cormorant unmanned attack aircraft concept. 

"Cormorant" UAV's length is 5.8 meters, with a wingspan of 4.86 meters, which belongs to the UCAV machine

 used repeatedly. Cormorant is a proposed conceptual design by the famous Lockheed Martin skunk works, 

because water is the main access to the channel, so the whole machine is made of titanium alloy made, to 

prevent corrosion of the total takeoff weight no more than 4 tons, can carry a payload of 453 kg, consider

 the way is mainly from the Ohio class nuclear submarine of the strategic missile launcher, mainly for 

destroy target near the coast. The air inlet of the machine is located in the nose, which is a triangle. Due 

to the use of titanium alloy, its body strength is extremely high, can withstand the pressure of 150 feet 

water depth. And in order to prevent the occurrence of external pressure instability, the body's internal 

unnecessary space will be filled with special plastic. In order to increase the hiding of the flight, the 

shape of the complex is also used in the stealth design. Maximum flight speed of the cormorant is expected 

to will reach 880 km / h, cruising speed for 550 km / h, maximum altitude of 10.7 km, the combat radius of 

926 kilometers, sustainable flight three hours.

The application of the Navy's titanium

The application of Navy titanium is a very wide range of applications, the main power is the Soviet / 

Russian submarine.

Akula class Akula class attack submarines: Akula class using water drop, double shell, inside a layer of 

titanium alloy manufacturing. The famous "malachite" by the Soviet submarine design bureau design, 

Komsomolsk shipyard and North Devin Gdansk shipyard

The "Serra" class attack submarines: Russia's "Serra" (Sierra) level (S level) multi-purpose attack 

submarines. Can be said to be one of the most mysterious Russian nuclear submarine of the family complex. 

Mainly because of the "Serra" class submarine is made of titanium alloy double shell, its large latent 

depth, high speed, strong firepower and good performance is impressive. But the cost is very expensive, 

nicknamed the "goldfish", only to build a 4. (see figure below)

And the peak of titanium in the submarine , I still feel that the typhoon class should be granted: the 


Union built a total of six ships "typhoon class submarines, the" typhoon ", is the first ship of the. The 

special feature of the typhoon class is characterized in that: it has a set of complete torpedo and missile,

 a power device, etc. independent navigation and combat system; the double shell structure, reserve 

buoyancy of approximately 32%, between the two layers of the shell has more than 3 metres spacing, and 

enhance the ability of water explosion and collision. Each typhoon level of about 9000 tons of titanium, 

equivalent to the sum of the current year of titanium production in china! Seen how huge the Soviet period 

was in the military.

The Soviet Union / Russia titanium shell nuclear submarines as well as Alfa and so on, but did not form a 

climate that is no longer described. Titanium submarines in addition to the use of the shell is 


that is, to use in the submarine pipeline and the condenser, now almost all submarines and surface ships on 

the condenser are of titanium material, can say in the life of the submarines and ships, under normal 

circumstances do not replace titanium condenser, way can save maintenance costs, not because of the problem of condenser fault reduce attendance.

Because the material price and yield in other countries, the submarine has rarely been reported using

 titanium shell case.

Titanium and its alloy performance no question, the metallurgical process of all kinds of titanium alloy for 

the country is also very conventional things, just consider the cost. With the development of economy, the 

special requirements of national defense also has the ability to guarantee, so that titanium and its alloys

 in the future civil and military fields will usher in rapid development. At the same time, titanium and

 its alloys will also greatly enhance the performance of some special equipment.