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Titanium anodes
Jun 15, 2016

All the electrolysis technology is built on the basis of the theory of electrochemistry, and the swirl electrolysis technology is no exception. Traditional electrolysis technology is Yin and Yang pole placement in slow flowing or stagnation of the tank, under the action of electric field, anion moves toward the anode directed, cationic move towards the cathode directed, through the control of certain technical conditions, the lust for gain of metal cations in the cathode get electron precipitation, to be the electrolytic products.

Cathodic reaction:

Metal ions in the cathode are electronically formed metal

Me+ (AQ) +e- (Me) (S)

Anodic reaction:

The cathode is balanced by the loss of electrons from the anode. The anode has a number of possible reactions, the most important reaction is the oxidation of water in the solution to produce oxygen, the reaction is as follows:

2H2O (O2) +4H++4e- (g)

When the metal concentration in the electrolyte is reduced, it is difficult to ensure that the metal is reduced without any other reactions. The most prone to chemical reactions at low concentrations of metals is the production of hydrogen, as follows:

2H+ (AQ) +2e- (H2) (g)

Cyclone electrolysis technology is based on the difference of each metal ion precipitation theory potential, namely desire to be extracted of the metal support to and solution of other metal ions have great potential difference, more positive potential metal easy preferentially precipitated on the cathode. The key is flowing through the high speed solution to eliminate the concentration polarization of electrolysis of unfavorable factors, to avoid the traditional electrolysis process is affected by many factors (ion concentration, deposition potential and concentration polarization, potential, pH value, etc.) to limit the impact of, can be through simple technical conditions for production of high quality metal products.

My company to provide the cyclone electrolysis with insoluble titanium anodes, the biggest advantage is cathodic deposition potential for good, can according to the different metal deposition and adjusted by varying the deposition potential, oxygen evolution low overpotential. At the same time, it has excellent stability, the coating and the substrate are combined firmly, and long service life.

Another advantage of our company in terms of titanium anode is the precursor material coating preparation, is my company's three generations of technology, combined with the actual conditions of use, specially developed for ruthenium and iridium compounds, compounds of titanium anode special field, and created a special anodic active additive the complete, which belongs to the technical achievements, and our own, Tai Yangji uses titanium, is my company United baotaigufen, Western metal materials and Baosteel and other enterprises, from the smelting, casting, etc. to the plate to rolling process, is the use of needle titanium anode, and on the basis of the national standard, specialized in manufacturing the titanium material, has the corrosion potential is higher, the surface is hardened, enhance the number of repeated titanium coating, the customer cost is further reduced. And for coating and sintering process, our company the more advanced electrostatic spraying and isothermal isobaric and special gases bias, to ensure that the coating is uniform and compact, ensure the activity and lifetime of the titanium anode.