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To achieve the optimal investment casting of titanium products, accelerate the industrialization process
Feb 14, 2017

With mature casting and plastic forming technology and technology, you can mass production of high-end titanium alloy products? "It's not that simple." Business planning department Lihang titanium industry Zhang Shilin said, "the research task we undertake not stereotypes products, for each product has its own characteristics, internal structure characteristics and function characteristics to analysis tasks, and then determine the final process." In 2016 the company received during the construction of a key task, making a large complex thin-walled titanium alloy castings, as the casting characteristics of the special-shaped thin web itself has a large area and variable cross-section panel for complex structures, and the dimensional precision and weight control is very strict, so the casting process in casting forming and precise size control the great difficulty, so the company set up a special research team. After many times, the team has been optimized and adjusted, and the casting process of large complex thin-walled titanium alloy castings has been successfully achieved by using special casting process. At present, our largest Thin-walled Casting molding technology in the country is in a leading position, no one is bigger than we do!".

One of the world's most talked about emerging technologies, 3D printing, the new structure of titanium alloy materials for printing, and can print out the largest titanium alloy structural parts. In fact, the manufacture of titanium alloy structure with 3D printing technology, third China Research Institute of Aerospace Science and industry group, by virtue of CASIC titanium alloy precision casting, precision plastic forming of titanium alloy and titanium alloy powder, titanium alloy, titanium alloy additive manufacturing machinery processing five areas of technical advantage, in 2013 the establishment of Harbin aerospace high technology innovation industrial park Titanium Industrial Park in the city of Harbin science and technology innovation, embarked on the road of industrialization. The second half of 2015, the company side of the construction side of the production, the main production of titanium alloy products dozens, of which a large number of large-scale production of titanium alloy components, is expected this year, the main business revenue will reach 140 million yuan.

The day before, the reporters came to the Harbin aerospace high-tech industrial park Titanium Industrial park. In titanium alloy precision casting production center, a staff member to the operating system in the input of titanium alloy mold processing program, a yellow huge monster receives the instruction after the body twist, picked up a group of good wax from the automatic transfer station with a slender arm, after some operations, the formation of titanium alloy die titanium alloy products, can make the specified shape. The degree of modernization of the whole workshop is the domestic first-class, only 2 staff members, can replace the last 100 people of labor, both to save costs and improve product quality." Our company is a special technique of aerospace titanium alloy project achievements in industry, based on the new technology of titanium alloy, casting, plastic forming technology integration, machine integration, achieve the integration by parts delivery, high technology products, high efficiency, high reliability and low cost increase the competitiveness of enterprises." In 2016 the company launched a number of industrial products, the main products are a box body and a support bracket and a shell, inside and outside the shell casting parts and 3D printed titanium frame, wherein the large size thin wall high temperature titanium alloy frame, the surface of parts manufacturing diversion is the largest size of thin-walled titanium alloy castings.