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Pure titanium and titanium alloy

Series product product description

Titanium series DAT-51 plate, rod, wire, electrode

Fifteen thousand three hundred and thirty-three


Alpha beta titanium series 6-4 rod, electrode, welding wire

Pure titanium series GR1 plate, bar, electrode, welding wire




Nickel titanium alloy memory metal

Medical grade F136, GR5 titanium rods

Titanium plate titanium plate GR2, beta titanium plate

Titanium wire GR2, beta

Titanium frame 325 alloy frame line, beta alloy frame line, Nylol fishing frame line

Titanium parts (Pad, Arm) with a nasal hinge (Hinge), stoma (Block)

Titanium plate for general applications

Titanium wire

Titanium foil

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