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Titanium plate, titanium bar welding method and welding equipment
Mar 27, 2017

The purity of the welding wire should be higher than the base material. The wire should be tested before using the material, 2 if the weldment requires high plasticity. Check the factory certificate and certificate of quality; the surface of the welding wire should be clean, no oxidation, no crack, skin, scar and slag. Titanium plate. Titanium tubes have special physical and chemical properties, so the welding process is very different from other metals. Titanium welding welding process is the effective protection of the weld zone by inert argon gas TiG, argon before use to check the bottle on the certificate, to verify the purity index of argon, then check valve without leakage or failure to like.

Titanium plate and titanium rod welding must be guaranteed:

The metal in the weld zone is above 250 DEG C, which is not polluted by N0H and CFeMn. Purity shall not be less than 99.98% moisture content less than 50Mg/m32 argon: industrial grade pure argon. Can not form coarse grained structure. Welding process must be in accordance with the order of the construction, 4 can not produce a large welding residual stress and residual deformation. So. Strictly in accordance with the process quality management standards, the implementation of the whole process of quality control, so that people, machines, materials, methods are in good control of the various factors, so in a reasonable period of time, to ensure the quality of titanium pipe welding.

Titanium welding equipment and materials:

At the same time equipped with a good ammeter and voltmeter.

Welder: DC TiG welding machine. Welding machine should ensure excellent working characteristics and adjustment characteristics, lightweight and durable.

Welding torch: a QS 75 degree /500 water-cooled TiG welding torch. Welding torch should have simple structure. The gun body is tight, the insulation is good, the air flow is stable, the clamping tungsten is firm, and the utility model is suitable for welding in various positions. Rubber hoses and other hygroscopic materials. When used, should be dedicated, argon delivery pipe; the use of semi rigid plastic pipe. Shall not be used with other gas transmission pipe string. Argon hose should not be too long, to avoid the pressure drop caused by excessive flow instability, generally not more than 30m to ensure the axis consistent, welding fixture: austenitic stainless steel or copper pipe Karan, lock bolt group of titanium plate and accessories. To ensure that the titanium plate and accessories have a certain clamping force. Uniform spacing. Polishing machine, auxiliary equipment and tools: argon shield. Special file, stainless steel wire brush etc..

Titanium welding wire: the choice of welding wire for ERTi2 welding wire should meet the following requirements: the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the wire should be equivalent to the base material.