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The main application of titanium alloy in civil aircraft
Mar 21, 2017

1) to reduce the structural weight, improve the efficiency of structure: advanced tactical and technical performance requirements (such as supersonic aircraft) aircraft with weight coefficient is relatively low (i.e.: the structure of the body weight / normal flight takeoff weight), and titanium alloy has strong strength near the steel but low density characteristics, instead of structural steel and high temperature alloy. Can greatly reduce the structural weight, but also can save cost; the engine as an example, the statistics show that the quality of aircraft engine reduce one kilogram, the use cost can be reduced about $220-440.

(2) require the use of the high temperature parts of titanium alloy has good heat resistance characteristics, such as the commonly used Ti-6Al-4V can work under 350 degrees so long, in the high temperature parts of the aircraft (such as the rear fuselage etc.) can be replaced by high temperature performance can not meet the requirements of the TC11 Aluminum Alloy; can work under 500 degrees long that can replace the high temperature alloy and stainless steel in the compressor parts of the engine.

(3) with matching with composite structure requirements: in order to reduce the structural weight and meet the requirements of advanced aircraft stealth, extensive use of composite materials, titanium alloy and composite material strength and stiffness, good, can get good results in weight loss. At the same time, due to the two potential is relatively close, it is not easy to generate galvanic corrosion, so the corresponding parts of the structure and fasteners should be made of titanium alloy.

(4) with high corrosion resistance and long life: fatigue life of titanium alloy with high corrosion resistance and excellent performance, can improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the structure, meet the advanced aircraft engine, high reliability and long life requirements.