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Sputtering Target
Jun 25, 2016

The target coating by magnetron sputtering and multi arc ion plating or other types of coating system under 

appropriate technological conditions of sputtering on the substrate formed of various functional thin films 

sputter source. Say simply, the target is a high load to particle bombardment of the target material used in 

high energy laser weapon, different power density, different output waveforms and different wavelength laser with different target interaction, will produce the destruction and damage effect is different. For example: 

the  evaporation magnetron sputtering coating is the heating evaporation coating, the aluminum film and so 

onThe replacement of different target materials (such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, nickel 

and other targets), you can get different membrane systems (such as super hard, wear-resistant, anti-

corrosion alloy films).

Folding metal target

Lanthanum praseodymium target target zirconia zirconia target of Ti target target target target 

ITO target, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, nitride, chromium 

oxide target, zinc oxide target, ZnS target, silica target, a silicon oxide target, cerium oxide 

target and the second target, five oxide target niobium, titanium dioxide target and the second 

target, hafnium oxide target, titanium diboride target, boron zirconium target, tungsten target 3 

oxidation 2 aluminium target pentoxide (Ta2O5), five oxide niobium target, MgF2 target, 

yttrium fluoride target, ZnSe target, aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron 

nitride target, titanium nitride, silicon carbide, niobium acid lithium target and Ti target, 

barium titanate target, titanate target, nickel oxide target, sputtering target.

Folding alloy target

Iron cobalt target FeCo, aluminum silicon target AlSi, titanium silicon target TiSi, chromium 

silicon target CRSI, zinc aluminum target ZnAl, titanium zinc target TiZn, titanium aluminum 

target TiAl, titanium zirconium target TiZr, titanium silicon target TiSi, titanium nickel target 

TiNi, Ni Cr NiCr target, nickel aluminum target NiAl, nickel and vanadium target NIV, nickel 

iron target NiFe etc.