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Sputtering Target

Basic Info

Model NO.:Sputtering TargetGrade:4N (99.99%)
Classification:Rare MetalTrademark:leadmat
HS Code:8102100000

Sputtering Targets:
The targets include metal sputtering targets, alloy sputtering targets, and ceramic sputtering targets.

In this field Leadmat also can supply back plate and bond's serving, production list:
Metal Sputtering Targets or rare earth metal sputtering targets:Al, AG, Au, La, CE, Co, C, Cr, Cu, Dy, Er, EU, Gd, Ho, Hf, In, IR, Lu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nb, ND, Ni, Pr, Pd, PT, Re, Sc, Si, Sm, Ta, Tb, Ti, TM, V, W, Yb, Y, Zr

Alloy Sputtering Targets:AlAg, AlSi, CeGd, CeSm, CoZr, CoCr, CoNi, CoPt, CoNiCr, CoNiPt, FeCoB, CoTaZr, CoNbZr, CoCrMo, CRV, CrB, CrCu, DyFe, DyFeCo, GaAs, Gd-Fe, GdFeCo, NdDyFeCo, NiFe, NiTi, NiV, TbFe, TbFeCo, TbGdFeCo, TiAl, ZrTi, ZrNi, ZrNb, ZrAl, ZrCu, ZrY

Ceramic Sputtering Targets:Al2O3, Sb2O3, BaF2, Bi2O3, CaF 2, CDS, CEO2, CeF3, Cr2O3, GaAs, Gd2O3, HfO2, ITO, Target PbZrO3, LaF3, MgF2, MGO, MoO, Nb2O5, ND2O3, NdF3, NiO, Pr6O11, SiO, SiO2, SiC, Si3N4, Sm2O3, SrF3, Ta2O5, TiO, TiO2, Ti2O3, Ti3O5, V2O5, WO3, Y

Product Description

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