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Preparation technology of low cost titanium alloy ingot
May 05, 2016

Preparation technology of low cost titanium alloy ingot.

Titanium and titanium alloy materials because of its low density, high specific strength, good toughness, non-magnetic, resistance to corrosion and excellent comprehensive performance in civil aviation, aerospace, ships, nuclear power and other fields and petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, biomedical and other market is widely used. But because of its high cost, limited its further popularization of civil. There are some new titanium alloy ingot preparation technology, can effectively solve this problem mainly:

Development of 1 low cost titanium alloy.

The alloy design, cheap alloying elements (such as Fe) instead of expensive alloying elements (such as V), the development of low cost titanium alloy, in order to expand the application of titanium alloy. This method is feasible, application of low alloy elements to achieve the purpose of reducing cost.

Developed by the United States Timet Fe as alloy elements of low cost high strength titanium Ti-6Al-1.7Fe-0.1Si titanium alloy Ti-1.5Al-6.8Mo-4.5Fe and cars, the former and properties of alloys ti-10v-2fe-3al quite, cost only for Ti-6Al-4V 78%; the performance is better than that of Ti-6Al-4V, the cost can be reduced by 15% ~ 20%.

2 add materials preparation technology return

In the production process of titanium alloy, due to the smelting, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling, pipe extrusion process will produce a certain amount of scrap by scrap in clean water, according to the classification of grades, the block material and debris material to bundle electrode for vacuum self consumption electric arc furnace (VaR), PACHM electron beam cold hearth furnace (EBCHM), the plasma cold hearth melting way once again return to the application, scrap can be recovery rate can reach 100%.

Titanium scrap prices only sponge titanium raw material prices 20% ~ 30%, by adding scrap returns, not only greatly reduce the production cost of some brands of titanium alloy, meet the needs of market and customers, for salvage secondary use to provide the effective way.

3 new smelting method

At present, the production of large high-quality titanium alloy billets using method includes the application model of electron beam cold hearth, plasma cold hearth melting technology, single cold hearth melting direct rolling technology.

A new way of melting can partly replace vacuum consumable arc melting furnace, from the process to achieve the short process manufacturing technology, eliminating the need for traditional vacuum consumable arc melting furnace hydraulic press pressing electrode, a vacuum welding processes. At the same time, it can a lot of recycling scrap. Application of cold hearth melting technology not only improves the quality of titanium and titanium alloy ingot, and reduce the cost, especially if the single bed furnace melting technology of titanium alloy and direct casting a flat ingot, machining cost can save 10% ~ 20%.