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Polishing methods and techniques of titanium and titanium alloys

Titanium rod and polishing method for titanium alloy:

(1) fine grinding

That is, the surface of the titanium rod and the titanium alloy casting surface can be ground. The need to pay attention to the problem of grinding is not to heat the casting, the casting surface can not cause the damage, and the entire surface to achieve smooth.

(2) barrel grinding method

The so-called barrel grinding method will be casting, abrasive, water and additives into the drum type grinding groove grinding barrel to produce rotation and vibration, the friction between the abrasive mixture material and machined castings, the casting surface is smooth and flat grinding. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of no dust pollution and low labor intensity. At present, Japan has a commercial barrel grinding machine and titanium and titanium alloy castings, other metal castings and plastics, such as the use of grinding materials for sale. The results show that the grinding efficiency of the PK series abrasive is the highest, but the roughness of the surface is the highest. The grinding efficiency of SA and B series abrasive material is not as good as PK, but the surface smoothness of the titanium castings after grinding is the highest. At present, The Fourth Military Medical University has successfully developed the first domestic dental bucket grinder.

Polishing treatment

(3) mechanical polishing

The use of different specifications of the soft cloth or black brush, method of polishing of titanium and titanium alloy surface dipped in titanium and titanium alloy containing special polishing paste. In the polishing of titanium castings, it is necessary to completely clear the surface of the casting surface and no new contamination of the hardened layer, will not achieve the desired polishing effect. High speed, light pressure is still used in polishing. The author has also tested the use of green polishing paste on titanium and titanium alloy castings for polishing, and achieved a better polishing effect. After polishing the titanium and titanium alloy castings can not immediately into the water, if the surface of the oxide film completely formed before washing, otherwise the surface will become dark phenomenon.

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