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Baoji titanium billet rose sharply, the continuation of the consolidation pattern profile
Jan 20, 2017

This week, Baoji titanium rose sharply, until press time, Baoji titanium billet ex factory price of 100, compared with the same period last week rose by a total of $10. Baoji tone rolled billet production more enterprises, part of product out of stock, prices continued to rise, the recent turnover is better; and the ingots warehouse inventory decreased, titanium factory overhaul more supply slightly tense; in addition, because Baoji World Horticultural Exposition titanium factory production will start by a greater impact from March. Therefore, the recent emergence of the off-season is not weak market. However, due to the economic downturn, weak demand is difficult to change the fundamentals, market outlook is not optimistic expectations, it is difficult to form the trend of rising prices, the market is expected next week or a narrow range consolidation.

A narrow range of domestic profiles market shocks, the overall price was "North South weak" pattern. It is reported that the central inspection teams stationed in Hebei Province, environmental protection, inspection efforts to enhance environmental protection, resulting in limited production of Baoji and other surrounding type titanium titanium factory, most plant shutdowns, market resources tight, titanium plant very price will strong. In addition, this week, the price of raw materials, strong performance, titanium billet has been relatively high position in recent operations, although there are slight fluctuations, but it can quickly go back. The above reasons to promote Baoji, timber prices rose significantly, the cumulative increase in the mainstream titanium factory 5-10 yuan, in addition to Shenyang, Henan titanium plant have also raised ex factory price, so the North profile market prices continue steady strong trend. However, due to the low demand, the market has not improved the deal, traders cautious operation, close to the cost of goods, or limited. In Baoji, resource prices, traders on the replenishment of negative, and its regional lag, the current market is still the resources are; in addition, more rainfall in most areas this week, turnover more deserted, so traders pull up low willingness, and slightly lower prices in some areas. Overall, titanium terminal demand will be further weakened, business operators will slow down the frequency of market activity or decline in turnover. But considering the current market resources do not, at the cost of relatively strong support, short-term decline in the price of space is limited, so the domestic market price profile is expected next week will maintain a narrow range consolidation pattern.

Back to the titanium city itself, in the internal and external economic environment, capital market turbulent situation, titanium city is difficult to "own", the market mentality is of great influence. With the approaching of the traditional Chinese new year, the off-season demand will be more obvious, terminal procurement to further shrink, will continue to strengthen the price of titanium. Although car sales have picked up, but most of the lower reaches of titanium companies are still weak. Real estate structural surplus pattern still exists, 1-11 data show that in 2015 the real estate investment growth rate down to 1.3%, the leading indicators of real estate new construction area, land acquisition area dropped. The shipbuilding, household appliances and other traditional industries still just passable, the bad conduction upstream city will also continue to titanium. In addition, due to the reduction of resources caused by the reduction of titanium production in the early stage of decline and the sharp rise in prices before and after the new year's Day overdraft in the early stage of the market, titanium prices continued to rise. Near the end of the year, funds appeared again, and the former one round in the process of the rise of the business profit "on" psychology is strengthening, short-term titanium facing taking pressure. However, the current domestic titanium stocks continued to decline, the lowest level in 6 years, the price of titanium plays a supporting role in the weak balance of supply and demand, the price will not fluctuate significantly.