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Molybdenum tube rolling
Aug 01, 2016

 Used in the production of sheet, strip, foil and bar. Rolling melting extrusion provide billets blooming temperature 

generally between 1200 to 1250 DEG C; powder metallurgy offers blank cogged temperature generally in about 1400 

DEG C. In order to reduce the inhomogeneous deformation, blooming pass deformation amount should be between 20% 

to 40%, after each time the heating rolling deformation is about 75%. When the total deformation of more than 85% (plate 

thickness is about 6 mm), the rolling temperature can be reduced to 900 ~ 700 degrees Celsius; plate thickness in 1 ~ 2 

mm, the rolling temperature can be reduced to 400 ~ 200. According to the material plasticity - brittle transition 

temperature is different, the transition to the cold rolled sheet thickness of 0.5 ~ 1 mm. Cross rolling can be used to 

improve the anisotropy of the product. In order to obtain sufficient working hardening and improve low temperature 

plasticity, the final product should be about 70%.

Pipe processing of molybdenum tube mainly to ingot or sintered ingot for extrusion tube, using temperature and 

processing technology, various pipe produced by rolling, drawing or spinning. Production of small diameter molybdenum 

tube by warm rolling in china. Blooming temperature at 650 degrees Celsius, the finishing temperature of about 350 DEG 

c.. The processing rate of warm rolling process is generally between 20 and 35%, and the maximum can reach more than 

40%. For molybdenum tubes with a diameter of 8 mm and a wall thickness of 0.5 mm, the tube can be as long as 6500 

mm. Warm rolled molybdenum tube has a good internal and external surface, good room temperature plasticity, and can be further drawn into the capillary. Larger diameter thin wall tubes are generally used for extrusion or sintered tube blank 

then processed by spinning process.