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Metal with wisdom and life
Apr 28, 2016

Introduction: titanium, ascends the sky into the medical profession, petrochemical stadium, aircraft submarine help defense, clothing, food, housing decoration and many other fields have shadow of titanium wisdom and life.

For metals, wisdom is the network with many excellent properties, and life is the resonance of the excellent performance of the network. The earth because of the latitude and longitude lines interweave each other, only the accurate positioning of the global village; road due to vertical and horizontal mutual gallop, only the ease of a clear direction; brain due to left and right Coordination Division, only the thinking ability of mutual control... The boundless universe, comprehend by analogy will have the interconnectedness of things of life fusion point, which is why the author said: including the cold metal also has a warm wisdom and life.

The emergence of new materials, nature will set off a material alternative to another material revolution, but also set off thinking the fight against thinking. Because, the emergence of new things will always be faced with a challenge, people accept new materials also need a slow process. In the fifties of last century, titanium metal in China from the laboratory successfully developed and transformed into productivity since, as a new materials to promote the use of very difficult, at the beginning of the 1980s, the countries therefore also specially set up the office of the national leading group for the popularization and application of titanium, nevertheless attention and great promotion, titanium in popularization and application in the process of the development of action is still "crossing the river by feeling the stones", to the 21st century the 

titanium sponge  production only two, three thousand tons, is almost synchronous with the development of the United States, Japan, yield of the former Soviet Union is million tons above the level of the.

From the 1950s developed and transformed into productivity after half a century to develop to two or three thousand tons of reality, which for the storage of titanium resources are very rich in China is undoubtedly "backward", more worthy of China titanium industry deep meditation.

Slow process through fifty years of China titanium industry development, the main reason for the slow development of the fool of: one is the people to accept the cognition of new things and new materials is lagging behind, although the 1980s shot won the Sixth China Golden Rooster Awards Best Science piece of the rise of the third metal - Titanium ", film too, although the details of the titanium many excellent properties, but it will have how many people watch the science and educational film? How many people know this metal? Second, the complexity of the process for producing titanium metal, smelting enterprises Zunyi Titanium, processing enterprises Baoji Titanium are "three line" enterprises, mining, smelting, processing at the party.

 As a result, the production cost is far higher than that can replace the other metals. Despite its performance, the service life is better than other metals such as copper, but from the first time to see how many companies are willing to replace the use of new materials, titanium metal? Three is the national economy, national defense construction after the "Cultural Revolution" is in development stage of reform and opening to the outside world, short, flat, fast stimulation economy occupy the mainstream, the weak production of titanium is difficult to in the popularization and application of the fledgling achieve rapid development, difficult to quickly find the play the excellent performance of the arena. Can say, the valuable resource of titanium and titanium alloy is waiting for horses to tap the potential of their own wisdom and transfer their value of life.

Is "gold will shine", "wisdom, sooner or later". Since entering the new century, the excellent performance of titanium with national economic take-off, with the need of national defense construction, with deepening the cognition of the people is more and more obvious, ushered in the popularity of titanium, cognitive titanium, the application of titanium material metal spring.

 Titanium with dive seven thousand meters Chinese dragon "five under the ocean to catch turtle", "nine months with Tiangong-1". C919 large aircraft are being developed will quickly open the wide application of titanium and titanium alloys in the aerospace field.

、The birth of China's aircraft carrier and the development of the marine economy will boost the width, depth and breadth of the application field of titanium metal. In the day of God into the sea arrival of Austria, titanium low density, high melting point, high strength, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature performance is good, no magnetism, low damping characteristics, biocompatibility and good, hydrogen absorption properties, and superconducting properties of shape memory more good will in the titanium industry "and" woven into the wisdom of the network, Fu Hui to the human society.

Titanium is able to use the wisdom of the network to live in our world, it is because the titanium has a life of metal characteristics". The wisdom of the duties of the wisdom of titanium metal since completion since Xijing Hospital using today's most fashionable 3D printing for 46 year old master Hu titanium metal brain skull, it seems that will reveal the wisdom given to man a second chance at life. When the girl sun Na Na embedded titanium head "admitted to the University, seems to be injected her self-confidence. When titanium nickel alloy with memory is called Ulam's little girl" integrity "bending the spine to the patients to relieve pain, appears to play the angels; when the memory function with" Apollo 11 "to the moon of the antenna is comfortable to show up, titanium and life has been extended to the universe of time and space.

Titanium - ascends the sky into the medical profession, petrochemical stadium, aircraft submarine help defense, clothing, food, housing decoration and many other fields have shadow of titanium wisdom and life. New material of titanium and titanium alloy in the new century ushered in the great development, at present domestic annual demand of titanium sponge has from about 10 years ago, 3000 tons increased to about 60000 tons, the actual demand growth 20 times and capacity has increased more than 50 times, China has become the production of titanium and titanium consumption country, titanium net with wisdom lived the rapid development of the national economy, has become the national defense construction of important strategic new materials.

The rapid development of modern science and technology, new materials and styles, Xiangying Shenghui recently liquid metal, graphene, nano and perovskite like disruptive new material appeared, but no matter how, with lots of excellent performance of titanium metal braided wisdom like 3D printing titanium skull plate , with the wisdom of the metal extending human intelligence, with metal life extend human life, this is a metal titanium with different life and wisdom. (Pan Tingxiang)