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How to make the concept of titanium products into the thousands of households?
Feb 14, 2017

People who know titanium are known for their excellent properties, but not too much to accept high prices. People do not understand titanium, let alone. According to the market launch of the titanium cup, titanium titanium lamp, flashlight, titanium pot and other civilian, engaged in a titanium sponge industry message in the reporter in WeChat: "no matter how to produce, the cup are not sold, the reason people don't know what is the titanium titanium products, how to make the concept of real worth thinking into the tens of thousands of households." The excellent performance of titanium on the human body has not been a good show, launched the first "Lihang titanium titanium" civilian three words have failed to knock on the civilian market, when the "Lihang titanium titanium products" has become the "spokesmen" that will be successful. Many people only know that titanium is a light metal material used in aerospace, but do not know the other uses of titanium, and even some consumers also asked: "titanium has no radiation?" Thus, titanium is not only a problem on the price, but also the problem of scientific popularization.

The emergence of new materials, its excellent performance must be a scientific comparison, the audience will believe and slowly from the heart to accept. For example, in the application of human body on the titanium medical machinery is a good science entrance, the reporter once in the blog and Chinese gymnast Sang Lan talked to Sang Lan Ti, body in the United States on titanium medical machinery. Sang Lan said the doctor told her that titanium is a kind of bio metal, titanium medical machinery does not harm the body without taking out. In the civilian market to promote the use of titanium products from medical science popularization of science and technology, consumers easily understand from the emotional, rational acceptance. Because it can take root in the body and not harmful to the body of the metal in life will certainly not hurt the body, which is aluminum alloy, stainless steel can not be compared.

The application of titanium in the field of aviation and aerospace gradually makes people familiar with the characteristics of "air metal". Application of titanium in navigation in China has just started, China Academy of Engineering Zhou Lian, ship design master Ma Yunyi advocates the use of titanium in the ocean "," the future will sail the ocean as metal ". Chinese people love First impressions are strongest iron and aluminum and copper, stainless steel products, the new metal titanium already known to every family, to occupy this market go15. The unique "biophile titanium metal" performance in the field of medical devices is also widely used in the civilian market, but even the "iceberg" did not open, pots and pans and other kitchen utensils are aluminum products, iron products, stainless steel, titanium titanium products all over the world, very rare in the civilian market application and a lot of work to do. When one day, like titanium aluminum and stainless steel as into thousands of households, the application prospect of titanium will really open, excellent performance will be widely ti.

See from the development of titanium civilian consumer psychology, which can be There is much fineness in the psychology of consumers, who seize, who will find a breakthrough of titanium products into thousands of households. I believe the titanium civilian will fly into the homes of ordinary people, consumers will be in the "biophile titanium metal" characteristics of slowly perceived life value of titanium. Although a large part of Chinese people's consumption concept is the pursuit of high-end air quality goods, with the pursuit of brand-name products to satisfy the vanity of the idea of iPhone, Samsung can grow with each passing day, in Chinese sell so fire off there is a heart support for public consumption, apple, Samsung in any occasion can be used to show off however, titanium products such as titanium, titanium pot Cup to show off the lack of public.

In addition to practical, consumer psychology can not ignore the face of the ingredients to show off. Coupled with stainless steel in some aspects can to chaos "Ti", Aluminum Alloy products can also be deceptive "titanium", but the price is much lower than that of titanium, after the performance, the concept of face ratio, after comparing Aluminum Alloy, including stainless steel, titanium product appearance, consumption will change obviously. Although titanium has been used in the iPhone, Samsung and other mobile phone, but the consumer is not shown in the titanium but the mobile phone brand, because of iPhone, Samsung mobile phone function has been known to the public, and titanium is only for the mobile phone brand "walk on" service. In earlier years, it has been put in the neck of the titanium ring blowing SHENBU the almost magical function, the results was denied, this is a man-made damage to the titanium products.