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Grades, properties and applications of titanium and titanium alloys
Apr 22, 2016

                 Titanium and titanium alloy 6Al 4V


To strengthen the heat treatment of titanium alloy, it is welding of sheet metal forming and forging better performance.

 Used in the manufacture of jet engine compressor blades, impeller etc.. Other pieces such as landing gear wheel and structure, fasteners, stent, aircraft accessory, frames, stringers, pipeline, application is very extensive.


Good ability of anti crack forging, molding can, good weldability, heat treatment can not enhance. For gear box shell, jet engine shell device and a guide blade cover, pipeline structure etc..


The anti crack ability is forming and forging, welding is good, but can not be strengthened by heat 

treatment. By making jet engine blades, impeller and casing, gyroscope universal guide vane cover, nozzle 

device and frame of Inner Mongolia leather.


Belong to the titanium alloy heat treatment, forging crack resistance, but poor weldability. Used in the 

manufacture of fasteners, the air inlet control guide device, test structure.


To strengthen heat treatment of titanium alloy, forming a good, forging a certain ability to resist crack,

welding fair, used as structural forging, plate-like stringer structure, skin, frame, a bracket, aircraft accessory and fastening.


Belong to the titanium alloy heat treatment, forging crack resistance, used in the manufacture of jet engine blades, impeller, gear wheel, plane frame, fasteners etc..


The forming of welding, forging has good anti crack ability, but not with heat treatment. Used in the 

manufacture of compressor blades, impeller, landing gear wheel, every ring compressor chassis assembly 

parts, aircraft skeleton, skin component.


Belong to the titanium alloy heat treatment, forging, forming good. Used in the manufacture of aircraft

 frame member.




Pure titanium, excellent corrosion resistance, high specific strength, good fatigue limit, forging is good, use common methods forging, forming and welding. 

Can be made into plates, rods, wire. Used in aviation, medical, chemical and other aspects, such as the exhaust pipe, heating and skin firewall, good plasticity, can resist parts.


Belong to the alpha titanium alloy, welding, good oxidation resistance, strength and high temperature 

stability at 315~593 DEG C, manufacturing forgings and sheet metal parts, such as aero-engine compressor 

blades and casing, bracket.


Belong to the alpha + beta titanium alloy that can be strengthened by heat treatment, for aeroengine 

compressor disk and blade, missile parts etc..


Alpha + beta type alloy, forging and good comprehensive performance, is a titanium alloy which is used all 

over the world for aeroengine compressor disk and blade etc..


Alpha + beta type titanium alloy, easy to forge, good room temperature strength, creep resistance and high 

(400 DEG C), high endurance strength, widely used in manufacturing engine and wing rail, power control 

device casing.


Belonging to the alpha + beta type titanium alloy high strength titanium alloy, it has high strength, high 

creep limit (400 DEG C below), forging good characteristics, used in the manufacture of aircraft components

such as gear installation seat, gas turbine components, can also be used for general engineering and 

chemical, blades of steam turbine, compressor parts and other high-speed rotating components.


It is a kind of alpha + beta titanium alloy at room temperature, and high specific strength at high 

temperature (520 DEG C) good creep resistance, high temperature stability, welding, easy processing, the use

of high temperature. For the production of aviation engine parts.


Belong to the alpha + beta titanium alloy, anti creep properties of welding, (below 535), excellent thermal

 stability. The IMI685 alloy with similar performance, use of the same. For the production of high pressure

 compressor disk and blade etc..


Is a kind of titanium alloy complex, have high strength, high creep limit and high temperature stability and 

good oxidation resistance at 450~500 DEG C, the cylinder mouth high fatigue strength. Used in the 

manufacture of aeroengine compressor disk, blades, airframe etc..


Titanium alloy, medium strength, good ductility, weldability, can aging strengthening, easy forming, using 

alloy in annealing state, with higher mechanical properties. For making motor tube below 350 DEG C work, 

aircraft structure etc..


With good plasticity and toughness at -253 DEG C.


Good comprehensive performance, is the aerospace industry with high quality materials.


Medium with high mechanical properties and high mechanical properties.


Mainly used for the production of gas turbine engine and aircraft missile structure.


Under the condition of quenching, the state can be welded and formed, and can be used in the following 350 degrees.


Can be welded to the blade and disk of a jet engine.


Structure for producing gas turbine disc, fan blade, aircraft and missile.


Used for the production of 250 degrees below the frame, cellular structures, etc..


High strength titanium alloy can be welded at 520 degrees C and has good creep resistance.


Components for the production of jet engines (e.g., blades, disks, etc.).


Alloy has high strength and creep resistance at 400.


Welding, forming qualified, strength medium.


Plastic, welding and high temperature strength similar to the industrial pure titanium, used for parts and resist 350 degrees celsius.


Low density, high elastic modulus, used in the production of 450 degrees below the work of the compressor disk, blades, etc., is an important material for the aviation industry.


Aero engine rotor and blade used for making work at 450


The alloy with high strength, good creep resistance, weldability. For 500 DEG C parts of long-term work, such as aero-engine compressor components etc..


Good performance for 350 DEG C high working stress of mechanical parts.


Belong to high strength titanium alloy, heat treatment, forging performance is good.


Aircraft engine components, such as compressor disks, blades, etc., which are used to produce the following work at 400 degrees C.


The alloy with high strength, good hardenability, making 427 DEG C for aircraft frame work, missile forgings etc..


Is a titanium alloy heat treatment, its excellent formability, for the production of aircraft frame, skin, honeycomb structure, pressure vessel and high strength fasteners etc..