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GR2 titanium tubes and round bar have delivery
Aug 22, 2017


                               GR2 titanium tubes and round bar have delivery

Products name: Gr2 titanium seamless tubes/ Gr5 ASTM B381 Titanium block/Gr5 titanium round bar

Gr2 ASTM B338 titanium seamless tubes

OD25.4X0.9X3000mm 80PCS/81KG

Gr5 ASTM B348  titanium round bar

Dia16X3000mm   50PCS

Dia80x3000mm   50PCS

Dia45X3000mm  50PCS

Dia20x3000mm   50PCS

Dia25x3000mm   50PCS

GR2 ASTM B348 titanium round bar

Dia8x2000mm     20pcs

Dia16x2000mm   20pcs

Dia20x2000mm   20pcs

Dia80x2000mm   20pcs

Gr5 ASTM B381 titanium block

50X75X100mm      20PCS

Delivery at 22th-Aug-2017

Delivery to UK