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ITO introduction
Nov 10, 2016

ITO target product introduction:

ITO powder and TIO mixture as the target of indium oxide and tin oxide, is a kind of special functional oxide ceramic material, deep processing of high-tech products of indium, an important raw material of ITO thin films. ITO film has good properties of visible light transparent and conductive, widely used in IT industry, LCD display, glass curtain wall construction industry communication and aerospace aircraft, luxury cars on the anti fog glass field.

The main quality indexes of ITO target:

Chemical composition: In2O3:SnO2=90:10 (Wt%): the purity of more than 99.99% relative density: 99% density uniformity deviation: less than 0.3% phase structure: single cubic In2O3 phase oxygen loss rate: less than 3% single chip size can be made according to user requirements of arbitrary thickness

Packaging: plastic film vacuum packaging

ITO powder:

Main quality indexes of ITO powder:

The chemical composition of chemical purity: In2O3:SnO2=90:10 (Wt%): 99.99% Fe < Pb < 10ppm impurity: 10ppm Al < 10ppm < Cu < Si < 5ppm Zn 5ppm 20ppm Cd 5ppm Co < 5ppm < Ni < 5ppm powder particle size: 0.2-5 (UM) powder surface: 1 ~ 20 (m2/g) theory of powder density 7.149: (g/cm3) powder melting point of 1900 DEG C:

Packaging: plastic film vacuum packaging