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Domestic only national third party titanium inspection agency settled in Shaanxi
May 05, 2016

As China's only national third party titanium product quality supervision and inspection agency, the national titanium product quality supervision and inspection center was established in Xi'an. Cao Chunxiao Chinese Academy of Sciences as the center of the opening.

National Center for quality supervision and test of titanium products with a total investment of 1.1 billion, is to the scientific research advantage of Northwestern Polytechnical University Materials Science Technology Based on, mainly for dual-use key projects, major projects, services, and special industry research and application of comprehensive scientific research service, undertake new materials science research, micro analysis, failure analysis, detection research, standardized research in one comprehensive scientific testing services. Center will provide scientific research, testing and other services for the wide application of new materials, aerospace, electronic semiconductor materials, automotive and other industries, and its inspection qualification is recognized worldwide.

Xi'an headquarters and the center sub branch offices, the current national titanium and titanium alloy material products testing laboratory is building in Baoji. The Center settled in Shaanxi, will promote the development of titanium and titanium alloy industry innovation and upgrading, for the province of titanium and titanium alloy industry for the country's major projects, major projects to provide quality support services platform.