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Development status of EB smelting TC4 alloy
Mar 22, 2017

Ti alloy is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, chemical industry, electric power and other fields, in recent years in the field of sports, construction, automotive, armor and other new areas of application has increased, but no breakthrough progress. China's steady growth in material production, but demand is rising faster, has been in short supply, the need for a large number of imports.

TC4 alloy, which was developed in 1954, has been developed as a kind of common martensitic titanium alloy. The alloy is widely used in aerospace components. TC4 alloy is widely used in aviation and aerospace field because of its high specific strength and corrosion resistance of Ti alloy. Compared with steel, high cost limits its application, especially in the civil field. The production cost of titanium ingot is about 6 times that of steel ingot and 3O times of aluminum ingot.

TC4 titanium alloy has excellent comprehensive properties, it is widely used in the aviation industry, and the countries all over the world have done a lot of research work in this field. With the development of China's aviation industry, the TC4 alloy was carried out comprehensive and in-depth research, including ingot smelting, forging, bar extrusion, heat treatment process, bright organization, recrystallization, cake forging and die forging and other work disc.

Titanium industry development plan

1, titanium industry chain: the establishment of Haixi titanium based in the nonferrous metal mining enterprises survey, combined to produce chlorine gas resources and Haixi Saline Lake industrial group Golmud hydropower and Yushu hydropower resources, the establishment of the Qaidam circular economy Haixi district policy advantage and we can realize the actual situation of circular economy, the construction company sponge the production of titanium base, make it become the first Chinese

2, the titanium industry chain: first to speed up the thermal test and commissioning, shorten the cycle of production of qualified products, quickly took out qualified products, prevent downstream manufacturers due to product quality problems and restricting the development of our company. The rapid development of second furnace launched, from the first furnace equipment installation to accumulate experience, quickly open up the situation, for the early production.

3, titanium industry downstream: to carry out the deep processing of titanium, including pipes, plates, rods, titanium parts. High value-added downstream products, large profit margins. Working with the Western titanium industry as its main supplier. Xigang and cooperation, go titanium steel joint road).