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Development of China's aviation industry to boost market demand for titanium materials
Apr 27, 2016

20th, Mar, 2016 years and China titanium soldiers in the supply chain management and oil titanium seminar held in Beijing. 

The meeting discussed the development status and application of titanium industry in China in the field of aerospace, medical and petrochemical fields. The annual meeting will discuss the future development direction of titanium industry, promote the upgrading of the titanium industry Chinese transformation, especially to seize the "2025" and "Chinese manufacturing The Belt and Road construction development opportunity, and vigorously promote the application of titanium material.

Titanium is an important foundation for the development of aerospace materials, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection and advanced equipment manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries. In China's "45" (outline) in the planning, the titanium industry has been listed as the country's future development of strategic emerging industries focus. In the equipment manufacturing, "China manufacturing 2025" put forward in the future to develop high-end equipment. The high-end titanium material due to its excellent performance will also promote the use of new materials as important in the future, medical equipment, CNC machine tools, robots and 3D printing will be used widely.

Two main directions of the development of titanium industry is titanium alloy and titanium dioxide. Titanium alloy has many unique properties in many new materials, as the shape memory alloy has been known, this year will focus on titanium and titanium alloy industry.

High strength and high temperature resistance is the most prominent advantages of titanium alloy, and it is difficult to find suitable alternatives, which makes the performance of material demanding aerospace industry has become the most important application field of titanium alloy. Since 1951 the United States will be used for titanium aircraft manufacturing has the largest user of titanium market is always the aviation industry, titanium has also been known as "air metal". From a historical point of view, the boom of the aviation industry has been the vane of titanium processing industry, with the rapid development of the global aviation industry, the titanium alloy consumption will subsequently changed.

The China aviation industry started late, high-end titanium consumption has been at a low level, the current year is only 4000 tons, accounting for about 10% of total consumption of titanium material, far below the average level of overseas 50%. But the titanium alloy as the light alloy aviation field can not be replaced, the application proportion is rising.

The use of composite material and titanium alloy can make the weight of the aircraft itself, to reduce fuel consumption. Boeing 787 aircraft titanium alloy, the proportion reached 15%, far higher than the 3% Boeing 747. Airbus group A350 also in a series of improvements to upgrade, the amount of titanium alloy increased from 9% to 14%. Our national trunk airliner C919 assembly line in 2015, is expected to start this year, the test work is expected to be delivered around 2020, the body of titanium alloy dosage reached 9.3%.

China's demand for civil aviation volume will promote the upgrading of titanium consumption. According to China business fly 2015-2034 annual report of the civil aircraft market forecasts, the data show that in the next 20 years, China Airlines will have 6218 new aircraft delivery, the market value of about 5 trillion.

Agency expects the next 10 years, China's aviation industry will bring 110 thousand tons of high-end titanium demand, production value of nearly 40 billion yuan. Increase the demand for high-end titanium material will occupy 200 thousand tons of low-end titanium production capacity, the average annual release of 20 thousand tons of titanium demand. 

The total demand for titanium in China each year less than 5 million tons, volume demand of the aviation industry is in an average annual increase nearly 50% of the demand for titanium, is expected to change the low-end serious excess capacity situation, China titanium processing industry chain to enhance the added value, so as to improve the profitability of the industry as a whole.