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Cylindrical Titanium (Ti) Sputtering Target (Purity: 3N~4N)
May 26, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.:Titanium(Ti) Sputtering TargetOrigin:China

The advantages of our cylindrical Titanium(Ti) sputtering target:
1. High quality;
2. Competitive price;
3. High purity, high compactness and uniform grain size;
4. Good packing and transportation;

Item Name Craftsmanship Purity Shape Application
Titanium(Ti) SputteringTarget Smelting forging                 3N~4N Cylindrical, as your request 1)Photovoltaic Solar Appication.
2)Electronic and Semiconductor Appication.
3)Decoration and Coating Appication.
4)Optical Disc Storage Application.