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Characteristics and applications of industrial pure titanium
Apr 22, 2016


           Characteristics and applications of industrial pure titanium

The difference of industrial pure titanium and chemical pure titanium is: it contains more oxygen. Carbon 

nitrogen. And a variety of other magazine elements (such as iron. Silicon etc.), it is essentially a 

titanium alloy with low alloy content. Compared with chemical pure titanium, the magazine contains many 

elements of the strength is greatly improved, its mechanical properties and chemical resistance of stainless steel and similar (but compared with titanium alloy strength is still low)

The characteristics of industrial pure titanium is: strength is not high, but good plasticity, easy 

processing rows, stamping, welding, cutting processing performance is good; in the atmosphere, seawater. Wet

 chlorine and oxidation, neutral and weak reduction medium has good corrosion resistance, oxidation 

resistance is better than most stainless steel but poor heat resistance, temperature is not too high.

Industrial pure titanium according to the different content of impurities, divided into TA1.TA2 and TA3 

three brands. The gap impurity elements in the three kinds of industrial pure titanium is gradually 

increased, so the mechanical strength and hardness have been gradually increased, but the plasticity 

toughness decreased.

Industrial pure titanium is commonly used because of its moderate TA2, corrosion resistance and mechanical 

properties. High requirements for corrosion resistance and strength can be used when TA3. For the 

requirements of good molding performance can be used TA1.

(1) is mainly used as the temperature below the 360 degree, less force but requires high plasticity, 

stamping parts and corrosion resistant structure parts. For example: the frame of an airplane across the 

skin, engine accessories, marine corrosion resistance to sea water pipeline, valve, pump, sea water 

desalination system components, chemical heat exchanger. A pump body, a distillation tower, a cooler, mixer, tee, impeller, fasteners, ion pumps, compressor valve and diesel engine piston, connecting rod, Ye Huang.

(2) TA1.TA2 in the iron content of 0.095%. oxygen content for the 0.08%. hydrogen content of 0.0009%.

 nitrogen content of 0.0062%, with a very good low temperature toughness and high temperature strength, can be used as low temperature structural material -259.