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Application prospect of zirconium in chemical industry
Apr 22, 2016

The mechanical properties of zirconium good, close to the low carbon steel, ductile, easy processing, can be

 made of a variety of zirconium plates, tubes and wires, are casting, forging and welding, titanium and necessary in the gas shielded welding, and molding processing, lining and composite, easy manufacture complex shape of chemical equipment. The development and research of zirconium in the northwest of China, Beijing nonferrous Institute as early as 40 years ago.

 Baoji 902 factory in the late 1960's successful completion of the production of zirconium smelting and tube sheet. In due to the introduction of advanced equipment, tube in the smelting, rolling, heat treatment, nondestructive detection and finishes, etc. has reached the advanced level in the world, such as the Qinshan nuclear power phase by domestic Zr-4 alloy cladding tube equipment.

 Hefei general more than 10 years ago, the Thorpe group acetic acid plant equipment manufacturing research and development through the identification. China has formed a considerable scale of zirconium industrial system.

 According to reports, as the world's chemical industry to China's transfer, China's chemical industry with a sharp increase in zirconium. At present, China's annual chemical zirconium material imports of about 20 ~ 30t, zirconium / steel composite pipe is about 200 t, is expected to increase rapidly.

The evaporator of the reactor Ji Erqing nylon viscose production according to the published data, zirconium in the following applications:

 (1) for the production of urea synthetic tower and pressure relief valve, a heat exchanger, etc.;

 (2) methanol carbonylation to produce acetic acid reactor, crude tower;

 (3) synthetic rubber isobutylene separation acid regeneration tower and pipeline, etc.; 

(4) hydrogen peroxide production of heat exchangers, hydrochloric acid and related production reaction tower and tank, heat exchanger, a pump, fan and pipeline, and dye production reactor, heat exchanger, and pesticide production reaction tank, valves, and so on; the heat exchange device; the production device; the solid caustic soda production.