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Application of increasing material manufacturing in titanium industry in Europe and America
May 14, 2016

In recent years, increasing material manufacturing technology (3D printing) in the application of the industry continues to expand. From the global point of view, the application of the technology of increasing material manufacturing is mainly distributed in the fields of consumer electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, construction, scientific research and so on. Figure 1 is the application of the technology in various industries.

The application of increasing material manufacturing technology in the titanium industry is mainly distributed in aerospace, national defense and medical field.

1 aerospace sector

3D printing technology in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics can application space greatly, application mainly include: unmanned aircraft structure parts processing; special processing, assembly tools of production; turbine blade, windshield forms framework, swirlers parts processing. But so far, there are few cases of aircraft bulk equipment 3D printing parts, especially large structural parts and bearing parts.

1.1 UK TiPOW project


1.2 European Space Agency


2 military field

The 20th century 1990s military titanium expenditure mainly focus on traditional with the amount of titanium equipment [3], such as fighters and enhance the defense ability of light vehicles, and network security and human-computer and Heikki radar systems and ballistic missile defense system project. These weapons projects are not considered to be the main market for titanium applications, in order to promote the application of titanium, titanium industry needs to change the way of titanium parts processing technology and materials, such as metal powder and 3D printing technology......

The 2.1 fighter project


2.2 aircraft maintenance


3 medical field

3D printing technology is applicable to the field of personalized demand. In the medical industry, especially in the field of rehabilitation medicine, personalized demand is very obvious. For the treatment of individual products, basically are customized, there is no standard of quantitative production. The introduction of 3D printing technology to reduce the cost of customized production. Its main application is......


In Europe and the United States adds material manufacturing (3D printing technology in the application of titanium industry is mainly distributed in the aerospace, defense and medical fields, including aerospace sector accounted for a major position... The benign combination of high-end materials and advanced technology inevitably makes industry, enterprise and technology to get the rapid development, achieved excellent results.